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Capstone – #7

As you may know, Capstone presentations are coming up. We had to record our presentations two days before the actual one. This was because it was stressful performing in front of the parents alone, but also knowing someone is recording you makes it worse. So today I will show you how recording went!

 A group of five people were supposed to go to the computer lab at a time. I was in the first group. That made me very scared, because  I did not feel ready at all! I decided that I wanted to go last. When other people were performing, I was reading over my cards and panicking! Finally, I was my turn. Since the second group already came in, I had to perform in front of 5 kids and Mr. Casal! This made me very nervous. Most of the time I looked at the screen and at the cards, because I was scared. After it was over, I was very relieved. I think it was helpful to do this because I was able to have the experience of presenting while someone is recording. It motivates me to do the best I can, since a lot of people were watching. But it was also very scary. I think the hardest part was knowing that someone was recording you. I think the easiest part was summing your presentation up, because you were finally done.

This entire Capstone unit was really different for me when I first started it. There were some hard times and some easy times. There were also boring parts and fun parts. At the beginning, I didn’t know how much we would have to work on this and how hard it was going to be. I also didn’t know that things were much more complex than I thought. I think the hardest part was researching. This was because you might not find enough research for your sub-question. I think the easiest part was sourcing. All you had to do was copy and paste your links into a website, which makes the sources for you. The most fun part was making my slideshow. This was fun because I liked finding cool pictures. The most boring was writing essay. This took so long and I disliked it a lot. It was very frustrating. At times I wanted to give up! But still, I learned a lot from capstone.

Overall Capstone was so fun. I learned so much it, and I hope you did also with my blog posts!

 Here is my presentation: