20% time

20% time is 20% of your time creating things. Building legos would be using 20% of your time. You could also build something that will help everyone in the world. Our class is using 20% of our time building an arcade. Just like games you see in a real arcades, we have the same games except we are building games out of things you would find at your house like cardboard and duck tape. We were inspired by a kid named Caine. He created an arcade made out of cardboard and tape like what we are doing right now.

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Rocketry (building)

Building our rocket for the first time was awesome. It took about two weeks to build them. We made the wings out of styrofoam covered in duct tape. We used two Vintage© bottles connected together for the body part of our rocket. Our first launch was a huge fail. It only reached a 15 degree angle from 50 meters away. What were trying to do next for our 2nd launch is to make an uncrooked bottle and no duck tape on our wings and smoothing it out with sand paper to make it more aerodynamic and light. Another thing our group was going to do was to roll paper to the shape of a nose cone. Our first nose cone failed because it was crooked also. Our first launch was a fail, but our second launch is going to be a success.


Tinkercad is a website where you get to build things in 3D. I’m not a master at it though. Although I’m not that good at building, I have created a couple of designs I might want to print out. It’s awesome that my school has a 3D printer so that we can actually print something. If you want to start building on Tinkercad type in www.tinkercad.com and create an account by using an email and password. 


This is our group about to launch our rocket. I am the one in the red shirt. We are pumping air into the rocket. We are supossed to put 90 PSI and 200 ml into our rocket.
This is our Launch.  Skip to the 1 minute mark in the video to see the countdown.


Agar.io is a game where you start as a tiny cell and eat other smaller cells to become bigger and be the biggest in the server. You know your in the rankings if you have your nickname (you type a nickname to any name that you want) in the color orange that means your in the rankings. Some tips to know when you start is to mostly avoid the other cells because they are most likely to eat you. You should eat food that are lying around to become bigger and then start eating other cells. It is an addicting game but also fustrating.