Rube Goldberg Materials lists and steps

3/23/16 So far me and Matthew have been working on this project for about 5 days. In those 5 days we work for around and hour and a half about every time. March 16th was our first day meeting. On that day we gathered all of our materials up and started basing out the project. We are working in Matthews basement. The goal for our rube goldberg project is to get the golf ball into the hole.

The materials we have used so far in the process are a mini toy golf put, tape, cardboard tubes/cardboard, dominoes, jenga blocks/little jenga blocks, a fan car, board games, marbles, toy ramp, nock hockey board, a deck of cards(We might not use them), toy sticks, and a golf ball.

4/3/16 Today we finished our whole rube goldberg. We have worked on it for around 20 hours total. Also we got it on our 24th try. We changed our Rube Goldberg many times. Probably around 6 times.

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Hello and this is a school entry (Its my homework) and I am going to write about my favorite day of the week. You can probably guess my favorite day of the week because it’s in the title. I hope I can learn about your favorite day of the week.

Friday is my favorite day of the week because it sets you up for the weekend. Technically for me it’s like a weekend except for the part that we school that day.

On Fridays everyones ¬†face lights up because it’s the last day of school until Monday. Mondays are kind of Gloomy people are tired and don’t want to be at the school.

Thank you for reading.  Leave a reply down below to say what your favorite part of the week is!