Blog post #6

Working towards my final product was kind of tough. Since I had no idea what the United Nations is I had troubles knowing if I i had real information. When I was done with my project I was reliefed. But, there are more important things then just finishing the project. You have to practice your script. I was practicing over the weekend as mush as I could. Then the day finally came.

Capstone post #5

My Main research question is “Do we need the UN today?” My belief always was that we needed the UN today. In my project I added my sub questions that lead toward answering my main research question. Helping people around the world and so far successfully ending world war. That’s why I believe we need the UN today.

Capstone post #4

For capstone it’s also required to have an interview. While I was in New York city for my site visit I went to the UNICEF building and got to go into someones office who works there. (there is a 13th floor!) Her name is Kyung Sun Kim. When I went to her office I interviewed her and she answered most of my questions. It was fun to interview someone and to go into an office at UNICEF.

Capstone post #3

As I said you need to have a site visit where you need to go somewhere related to your topic. For example if you live in New York and your topic is disney than maybe you can go to museum about disney. But, since my topic is the UN it will be easy for me to have a site visit because headquarters is in New York city. For the UN it’s very hard to get in because there is a line where you need to wait on a line that takes forever to get in just get to get a wristband to let you in the actually building. Once you’re in the actual building there is a desk where you can get a tour guide and you get to see the general council, the secretary council, and the economic and social council. It was an awesome experience. (Also because I got to skip school)

Capstone post #1

My capstone project wasn’t the best for me. On the first day I saw a couple of my classmates already knowing what there topic is going to be but I was just sitting in my seat with my head down not knowing what to do or what topic to choose. At that time I had a major brain fart.

That day I came home and begged my mom to help me with my capstone project and for her to think of a topic for me. Then she said “how about the UN?” Ok, is it just me or did she say “UPS”. Then I heard my mom say “Hello, are you alive” and then I jerked up. Then she said again “Are you going to study on the UN” and I said “what’s that” And my mom said “look it up”.

The next day at school my curiosity about the UN made me look it up on the internet. I was browsing along there website and I was really interested in the fact about if we need the UN today or how the is it more successful then the League of Nations.

One challenge I had on the way is definitely the idea of trying to find a topic for my capstone. One success that I had is being able to find great resources on databases