My Soccer Dream Team!

Hi guys! I can’t believe that I have time to make another blog post! This post is going to be about my official soccer dream team. So, here I present to you, “The best soccer team in the world”!

GK: Manuel Nuer (Bayern Munich)

LB: Marcelo (Real Madrid)

CB: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

CB: David Luiz (Chelsea)

RB: Dani Alves (Barcelona)

LM: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

CM: Kevin de Bruyne

CM: Gareth Bale

RM: Lionel Messi

ST: Neymar Jr.

ST: Luis Suarez

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Well guys, if you know a lot about soccer, then you should comment on my dream team. Is it perfect, are does it need changes? I want you to tell me! Bye!

The Amazing Octopus!

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! I was reading a National Geographic magazine at school. In the magazine, there was an article about octopuses. It was pretty interesting!

Did you know that there was such thing as a coconut octopus? The name, “coconut octopus” comes from its habit of hiding in empty coconut shells. But he can also hide in any other shell that fits his/her body. A coconut octopus is the size of your thumb! How interesting! Its arms are about three times as long as its body. It can also camouflage to the ocean sand. It can squirt water from under its head. You can see, a coconut octopus is very protective!

The ink sac is an octopus that is 10 inches long and lived long ago. Their arms are loosely grouped together. Each arm is marked with rows of circles. This octopus is about 90 million years old. It is one of the oldest known octopuses!

Octopuses have three hearts and get this, they have blue blood! When they’re in danger, they squirt a cloud of ink and jet off in another direction. Their suckers can stick to almost anything! Octopuses have no bones.

Octopuses are cephalopods. Cephalopod is a Greek word that means, “head-foot”.

Octopuses are intelligent animals. They are intelligent because of their nervous system. Cells of the nervous system are called neurons. Neurons carry different messages to the octopuses brains. A human brain has 90 billion neurons! Normal octopuses have 500 million neurons.

Octopuses can camouflage very well. Whenever an octopus sees any predator, they camouflage to the nearest rock or plant that they see. That keeps the octopus very safe! They can change their color, they can change their posture, and the texture of their skin.

Okay guys, remember to comment down below on this article. This might be my last post before the summer, so bye! Have a good summer!

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FIFA Confederations Cup

Hi guys! Welcome to my post! Today, I will be talking about the FIFA Confederations Cup.

The FIFA Confederations Cup is an exciting soccer tournament for eight international teams (those teams are Russia, Mexico, Portugal, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, Australia, and Cameroon). Those eight teams get split up into 2 groups of 4 teams. Every team plays every other team in their group once. The two best teams in each group move on to the semi – finals. The two teams that are in the same group, and are in the semi – final play against each other. The winner moves on to the finals, while the loser play in the 3rd place game. Brazil won the FIFA Confederations Cup last year. Click here to watch the highlights of last years FIFA Confederations Cup finals.

This year, the tournament is in Russia, and so is the FIFA World Cup! There has been 4 matches so far. Every team has played one game. You should watch them! They are very exciting games! Especially Mexico vs. Portugal. You can’t ask for anything more exciting! It was such a good game! I can’t wait to see the winner of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup!

I hoped you liked this post! I’ll try to make another one before the end of the year, no promise’s! I hope that I have the chance too! Bye!

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Breakout EDU #2

Hi guys! Today, I will be talking about the 2nd time that I did Breakout EDU. If you read my last post, the one called, “Breakout EDU” then you would know how you play Breakout EDU. But if you didn’t read my last post, then I will tell you right now how to play this amazing game.

Breakout EDU is a learning game that teaches teamwork skills, and it also tests your knowledge. In Breakout EDU, you have 45 minutes to find clues that help you to crack codes to open up a box. You must find all the clues to open up the box, so keep on working until you open the box! We played the game in room 17 at Fox Meadow School. We did it on June 16, 2017. We did the game with our class. The better thing about this time was that we worked better as a class. But we came so close to losing our mission.

I think that we should do Breakout EDU again because even though we worked better as a class, we still need to improve our teamwork more. The bad thing is, the year is over! And since the year is over, I won’t get to do many more blog posts! But I’m going to have another post before the school year is over. The post is going to be in my soccer category, and it is going to be an amazing post! I guess I’ll see you then, bye!

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Breakout EDU

Hi guys! Today we will be talking about an exciting game that we played in school called Breakout EDU.

Breakout EDU is an exciting game where you find clues around the room to unlock 1 of the locks on a box. Once all 5 locks on the box are unlocked, then the game is over. In the box, there’s candy! You have 45 minutes to unlock the box. If, you don’t get it in time, you lose. When my class did it, we won! We played the game in room 17 in Fox Meadow School. I don’t exactly know the date that we did it, but I do know that it was on a Friday from 2:20 – 3:00. All of my class played together. When my team was trying to find clues to open the last lock, we were not listening to each other. That was pretty frustrating! In the game, we found a small box with a flashlight in it. Somebody in our class had the idea to use the flashlight to look for invisible words inside a sheet. In the end, it worked! But it took about 5 minutes for everybody in the class to hear it, because everybody was talking at the same time! I think that we could have finished more quickly if we were more patient and we listened to each other a little more.

Well guys, don’t forget to come back to my blog, I will only have 1 or 2 more until the summer, and I might have no time for blog posts in the summer! So don’t forget to come back to my blog for the last few posts until next summer! Bye!


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The FIFA World Cup!

Hi guys welcome to my post! Today, we will be talking about the FIFA World Cup.

Before we talk about the FIFA World Cup, let’s talk about what the World Cup even is! The FIFA World Cup is a tournament for the best 32 international teams. An international team is a squad made up of the best players from 1 country. Like, England’s international squad is made up of only players from England. If you read my post, “Even more Winners?” Then you would know the format of the UEFA Champions League. The FIFA World Cup has pretty much the same tournament format as the Champions League does. If you didn’t read that amazing post, then I’ll tell you the format just to let you know.

In the first round, you have a 8 groups made up of 4 international teams. The first round ends when each team has played each team in their group twice. The 2 best teams in that group move on to round 2. Then, until the end of the tournament, there are knock – out rounds. The FIFA World Cup happens every 4 years. The last one was in 2014 and it was in Brazil. Germany beat Argentina 1 – 0 in an amazing goal in extra – time! The next World Cup is in 2018 and it’s in Russia. I think that I’ve kept you hanging on how you choose the best 32 teams. Now, it’s time to tell you!

To choose the best 32 international teams, there is, the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers! The FIFA World Cup Qualifiers have already started! In the World Cup Qualifiers, all of the international teams that would like to be in the World Cup try to make it to the World Cup! All of them are split into groups, and they play each other a few times. The best 32 make it to the FIFA World Cup!Image result for world cup 2018

The World Cup Qualifiers aren’t done yet, but when they are, I’ll try hard to make a new post on it! See you then, if not, then before! Bye!


Kayaking and Paddle Boarding!

Hi guys! Welcome to my post! Now sit back, and read on!

To begin our boat lesson, we learned about the kayak and the paddle board in P.E. Once we finished all of our lessons, we took the bus to the Scarsdale Pool! Now here, is where the fun part begins!

When Coach S.W. assigned me to my first kayak, I was so excited to get started! Before we got started, I was scared that I wouldn’t do well, but Coach S.W. said, “Today is supposed to be a relaxing day.” That seemed to calm me down. I think one of the funnest parts of my trip was when I capsized. We got to flip our boat while we were in it! Since I didn’t get hurt, it was so fun for me! But to make this trip even more fun, we got to paddle board! TImage result for kayakhat was so fun as well, but I liked kayaking just a pinch more!

I would give my paddling trip ***** stars. It was an amazing trip! If you want to learn more about all the different types of paddling boats, then go to the American Canoe Association. Well then, I’ll see you this week, at my next post!

FIFA 17’s New Addition!

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! This post is going to be an amazing one! Today we will be talking about the soccer video game, FIFA 17 and its new addition.

The game, FIFA 17 is so fun. There has also been FIFA 16, FIFA 15, and so on, but they’re not as good. Do you want to know why? Because of the amazing new addition! The great new addition to FIFA 17 is the new mode, The Journey. In The Journey, you play as a made up player who’s name is Alex Hunter. In The Journey, you have practices and games. You might think that that’s boring, but there’s even more! When you play the Journey, they stop you every once in a while and you have Alex Hunter in a scene with the coaches, your family, etc. In those scenes, Alex Hunter usually gets asked a question. You have 3 choices to choose from as your answer. There is always a best answer, and a worst answer. Some of the scenes are exciting, and some of the scenes are sad. Because of that, The Journey looks like a real career as a soccer player.  That is what makes The Journey a really fun mode. The only bad thing about The Journey is that you only get to play one season. In FIFA 18, you will get to play much more seasons than in FIFA 17! There are tons of other cool modes in FIFA 17, but The Journey is by far the coolest of them all!

I would give this mode a ***** star rating. It was so good! You have to play it! Any age could play it, and you don’t need to play soccer to be amazing at it! So before I say bye, play The Journey! Bye!
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Even more Winners?

Hi guys! Welcome to my next post! Today, I will be talking about the UEFA Champions League Finals! The UEFA Champions League is a tournament for the best teams in Europe. The first round of the tournament is the group round. All of the teams that qualified for the UEFA Champions League get split up into groups of 4. After every team played every team in their group twice, then the first round is over.

The 2 best teams in the group move to the 2nd round. The rest of the rounds are nock – out rounds, which is when you lose, your out. But in this tournament, you play to games in the nock – out round. One home field match, one away field match, until you come to the finals, which is what we’re going to talk about.

This years finale was Real Madrid vs. Juventus. The first goal was by Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid. The next goal was an amazing goal by Mario Manzukic. He bicycle kicked it into the net! Sadly, that goal did not matter, because Real Madrid won, 4 -1! In last years finals, Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid in penalties! 2 wins in a row for Real Madrid!

Well, bye guys. I’ll catch up to you at my next post, it’s going to be a good one! Related image

PS: In the video, you should skip to 4 minutes and 48 seconds through the video because that’s where the penalty shootout starts. Bye!


Who held up the Trophy this time?

Hello! Today I will be talking about the FA Cup winners. The FA cup is a tournament for teams all around England, but only for the 3 best leagues in England. Those are the Premier League, the English Football League Championship, and the English League 1. Unfortunately, it’s over already! Do you want to know the winner! Well first, we’ll talk about the finals. The 2 teams in the finale were Arsenal, and Chelsea. If you read my last post, then you would know that Chelsea won the Premier League. If you comment on this post, maybe you could tell me who you wanted to win the FA Cup and why! If you wanted Arsenal to win, then you should be glad, because they won! The score was 2 – 1. It was a great game, so close! I wanted Arsenal to win because Chelsea already won the Premier League, and it would be boring if they won 2 trophies! Well anyway, Arsenal’s manager was going to leave Arsenal when the season ended, but he changed his mind after Arsenal won!Image result for fa cup

Well guys, try to comment on my post! See at my next blog post, bye!


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