The Story of My Box

In Tech 7 this year, our first creation is going to be a wooden box. But before we start measuring and actually making our boxes, we have to design it and answer some questions. For instance, I’m making this box for me, and it will hold my post-its and flashcards for school. It will be […]


In tech 7, safety is really important. Although there are some things that are safe to use, some things are really dangerous and you need to be cautious to use. In class one day, we put post-its all around the room to classify how safe or dangerous something was. One type was safe (stool), one […]

Technology Post #10

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that this will be my last technology post. My class is almost complete and I had a great time with the projects, movies, education, and of course, the blog posting! If you have any questions please comment! See you later!

Technology Post #9

Hi guys! I will be talking about our final project in technology class, automata! We have watched a few videos, including a movie, so I think my class and I have the knowledge to make one! We have started and I glue triangles to the corners of my box, and I’m very excited for the […]

Technology Post #8

Hey guys! Today I will be talking about my flashlight project which I finished. I drilled holes for my switch and my light, sawed a pipe, soldered a circuit, hot glue gunned my switch to the pipe, and decorated my flashlight. The project was really fun and if you have any questions, please comment! Bye!

Technology Post #7

Hey guys! Last blog post was an overview of the new flashlight project, but today we will be looking at my diagram in a more detailed way! In my diagram, I have 2 caps and a pipe. Also, I added my circuit inside,including 3 wires,an LED light, a battery, and a switch. As I have […]

Technology Post #6

Hello guys! We are starting a fun new flashlight project! I made my diagram, and now I’m working on my flashlight. I’m really excited for the rest of this unit, and comment if you have any questions! Bye!

Technology Post #5

Hi guys! Today we are going to be talking about what I have been doing in the past few technology classes, which is making switches and solder people. They have both been very fun and interesting. We are making switches for a very cool game we are going to play to teach us about driverless […]

Technology Post #4

Technology Post #4

Hi! If you read my last blog post, you would know that in this blog post we will be talking about circuits! At technology class, we made circuits! Here is mine: How does this make the light bulb light up? Please comment if you have a guess! See you next time!  

Technology Post #3

Hey guys! I’m really excited because in this blog post we will be learning about electricity! But what really is electricity? First, let’s learn about atoms. Everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are tiny particles that have 3 elements. They are protons, neutrons, and electrons. Different amounts of those elements make different atoms. So […]

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