FIFA 17’s New Addition!

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! This post is going to be an amazing one! Today we will be talking about the soccer video game, FIFA 17 and its new addition.

The game, FIFA 17 is so fun. There has also been FIFA 16, FIFA 15, and so on, but they’re not as good. Do you want to know why? Because of the amazing new addition! The great new addition to FIFA 17 is the new mode, The Journey. In The Journey, you play as a made up player who’s name is Alex Hunter. In The Journey, you have practices and games. You might think that that’s boring, but there’s even more! When you play the Journey, they stop you every once in a while and you have Alex Hunter in a scene with the coaches, your family, etc. In those scenes, Alex Hunter usually gets asked a question. You have 3 choices to choose from as your answer. There is always a best answer, and a worst answer. Some of the scenes are exciting, and some of the scenes are sad. Because of that, The Journey looks like a real career as a soccer player. ┬áThat is what makes The Journey a really fun mode. The only bad thing about The Journey is that you only get to play one season. In FIFA 18, you will get to play much more seasons than in FIFA 17! There are tons of other cool modes in FIFA 17, but The Journey is by far the coolest of them all!

I would give this mode a ***** star rating. It was so good! You have to play it! Any age could play it, and you don’t need to play soccer to be amazing at it! So before I say bye, play The Journey! Bye!
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  1. rslivjanovski25 June 19, 2017 at 1:26 pm |

    I think your blog is really cool Matan! I play FIFA too. I have not ever played FIFA 17 though. You should watch the YouTube video about FIFA fails and glitches. They are so funny!


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