The FIFA World Cup!

Hi guys welcome to my post! Today, we will be talking about the FIFA World Cup.

Before we talk about the FIFA World Cup, let’s talk about what the World Cup even is! The FIFA World Cup is a tournament for the best 32 international teams. An international team is a squad made up of the best players from 1 country. Like, England’s international squad is made up of only players from England. If you read my post, “Even more Winners?” Then you would know the format of the UEFA Champions League. The FIFA World Cup has pretty much the same tournament format as the Champions League does. If you didn’t read that amazing post, then I’ll tell you the format just to let you know.

In the first round, you have a 8 groups made up of 4 international teams. The first round ends when each team has played each team in their group twice. The 2 best teams in that group move on to round 2. Then, until the end of the tournament, there are knock – out rounds. The FIFA World Cup happens every 4 years. The last one was in 2014 and it was in Brazil. Germany beat Argentina 1 – 0 in an amazing goal in extra – time! The next World Cup is in 2018 and it’s in Russia. I think that I’ve kept you hanging on how you choose the best 32 teams. Now, it’s time to tell you!

To choose the best 32 international teams, there is, the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers! The FIFA World Cup Qualifiers have already started! In the World Cup Qualifiers, all of the international teams that would like to be in the World Cup try to make it to the World Cup! All of them are split into groups, and they play each other a few times. The best 32 make it to the FIFA World Cup!Image result for world cup 2018

The World Cup Qualifiers aren’t done yet, but when they are, I’ll try hard to make a new post on it! See you then, if not, then before! Bye!


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