Technology Post #7

Hey guys! Last blog post was an overview of the new flashlight project, but today we will be looking at my diagram in a more detailed way! In my diagram, I have 2 caps and a pipe. Also, I added my circuit inside,including 3 wires,an LED light, a battery, and a switch. As I have […]

Technology Post #6

Hello guys! We are starting a fun new flashlight project! I made my diagram, and now I’m working on my flashlight. I’m really excited for the rest of this unit, and comment if you have any questions! Bye!

Technology Post #5

Hi guys! Today we are going to be talking about what I have been doing in the past few technology classes, which is making switches and solder people. They have both been very fun and interesting. We are making switches for a very cool game we are going to play to teach us about driverless […]

Technology Post #4

Technology Post #4

Hi! If you read my last blog post, you would know that in this blog post we will be talking about circuits! At technology class, we made circuits! Here is mine: How does this make the light bulb light up? Please comment if you have a guess! See you next time!  

Technology Post #3

Hey guys! I’m really excited because in this blog post we will be learning about electricity! But what really is electricity? First, let’s learn about atoms. Everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are tiny particles that have 3 elements. They are protons, neutrons, and electrons. Different amounts of those elements make different atoms. So […]

Technology Post #2

Hello! This is my second technology blog post and today we will be talking about design thinking! Design thinking was created at Stanford University and has 5 steps: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test What is design thinking trying to help you with? How are the steps successful? Can you think of any more questions/answers? Please […]

Technology Post #1

Hi guys, I’m back! I am just starting my 2nd week in my new quarterly at school. The quarterly is technology, and I am so excited for the rest of the quarter! We will be learning about many topics in technology such as electricity, circuits, mechanical movement, and physical computing. Before we start all of […]

My Soccer Dream Team!

Hi guys! I can’t believe that I have time to make another blog post! This post is going to be about my official soccer dream team. So, here I present to you, “The best soccer team in the world”! GK: Manuel Nuer (Bayern Munich) LB: Marcelo (Real Madrid) CB: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) CB: David […]

The Amazing Octopus!

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! I was reading a National Geographic magazine at school. In the magazine, there was an article about octopuses. It was pretty interesting! Did you know that there was such thing as a coconut octopus? The name, “coconut octopus” comes from its habit of hiding in empty coconut shells. But he […]

FIFA Confederations Cup

Hi guys! Welcome to my post! Today, I will be talking about the FIFA Confederations Cup. The FIFA Confederations Cup is an exciting soccer tournament for eight international teams (those teams are Russia, Mexico, Portugal, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, Australia, and Cameroon). Those eight teams get split up into 2 groups of 4 teams. Every […]

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