information book – ice skating

I have been working on my information book. We had  to name our information book. My name  was ice skating. We had to write chapters and add pictures we also  added a introduction and we had to add captions. The last thing we did was animations. We have  been working so hard on this we shared it with other kids in other classes.  I hope you like my information book.


7 thoughts on “information book – ice skating

  1. I really enjoyed this book! I like how you told about some of the moves and how to do them. How long have you been ice skating for?

  2. I really liked the way you described what positions your feet should be in. I also really liked the the way you anwsered all the why questions.

  3. I really enjoyed your information book! I love to ice skate too! I go to the ice skating rink very often with my friends. Do you know how to do a three turn, spiral, edges, mohauk or lung?

  4. Mia, your book is great! The way you explained how to go forwards and backwards, was wonderful! The pictures were nice too.

  5. I loved your book! The introduction really got me interested in reading the book. This book made me want to start doing ice skating. I liked how you talked about tricks.

  6. I like when you said “when you skate backwards your feet need to be in a v shape.” That helped me picture it in my mind!

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