The Walk Home

Ring!!! The bell rang the girls ran out.  Anna and Suzie had a playdate. Suzie forgot her water bottle in the back of the school so they went and got it.

When they got there Anna said, “My mom is waiting at the house for us to walk home”. Then Suzie said, “Let’s take this way!” They did not know it was the long way.  

They felt like lost animals. They thought something would pop out the woods by the path. They did not know what to do! Suzie said to Anna, “I hope your mom is still waiting!” Anna said “I hope so too!”

They made it! They got home. Anna’s mom was not home. They did not know where she was. Anna said that she is probably in the house.

Anna’s mom called them on the phone but they did not answer. They did not know what to say. Anna’s mom kept calling and they finally answered. They did not know what to say. They were afraid that Anna’s mom would be mad. Then they heard Anna’s mom say, “I am on my way!”

Anna’s mom knew to come to the house. She came in and said, “Where were you?” The girls said that they got lost. Anna’s mom said, “Don’t do that again!” She was not that mad because she was happy that they were safe!

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