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philadelphia trip

On November 9th the 5th graders went to philadelphia we left at 6 am and came back around 8  the bus was a choach bus which lots of kids liked you were aloud to bring your phone and snacks for the bus and you could take photos we went to the to lots or museums and walked around the city so cool things we saw were the declaration of independence and the liberty bell. the trip would have been better if it was not raining. the ride back took much longer because it was raining hard. over all i think the trip was lots of fun and i learned a lot

edcamp 2

I thought ed camp was really fun. i saw Jeannie Rosenthal who was talking about being  a person who started a new company. She was very interesting she also talked about how we can change the world. I also went to see a man  who was talking about climate change he won the nobel peace prize and he also told us how we can make a difference in the world. Overall i thought ed camp so much fun and i would do it again.

Book of The Month – Ted Talk Reflection


“‘One Plastic Bag” is mainly about how 5 women made that make a change. My favorite part  was when one person bought the bag and then a lot of people started to buy the bag because it shows that one person can change a lot. This book reminded me of  when my aunt made me a sweater from scratch. The message of the book is to keep your environment clean. I think that because if you litter some animals will die because it is bad to pollute.

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In the Ted Talk it is mainly about banning plastic bags in bail and working to fix a problem. My favorite part was when  the girls went to the airport to get signatures because they reached their goal. This talk  reminds me of a poem called dont give up. The message  of the talk is dont give up