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Rube Goldberg – reflection

I think rube Goldberg was very fun and exiting i also liked it because i got to work with a partner there are some good and bad things with  working with  partner the good things were if you got stuck you can ask someone for help and the bad things are having to share the work i think are group did very good with are rube Goldberg  and over all i think it was fun.

Rube Goldberg – working

It took 13 hours and 88 try but we finally did it we though we were never going to get it but we did we changed it a lot and are  protect was a car that hit a ball that ball hit jenga piceces which hit another ball that went down a ramp that hit jenga peices and that hit an uno  deck that hit a ball that went down another ramp hit dominos  fell in to a pulley and popped a balloon we were so happy when we got it and really proud.

Rube Goldberg – testing

My groups rubes goldberg was finaly done but we still needed to test i was nervious about testing because i did not know how many trys it would be and if was going to work after the 30th try we thought  maybe we have to change something so instead of haveing the marbel run we used a car that would hit jenga peices.

information book – ice skating

I have been working on my information book. We had  to name our information book. My name  was ice skating. We had to write chapters and add pictures we also  added a introduction and we had to add captions. The last thing we did was animations. We have  been working so hard on this we shared it with other kids in other classes.  I hope you like my information book.