Rube Goldberg – sketch

We started are  sketch are group worked together on are sketch it was very hard because we did not know what materials we should do and if hey would work are sketch was 8 it was to come up with steps because lots f them have to down because there are three tables. we tried not repat steps and materials. at the end of are sketch it had to pop a balloon  so we decided to make a pulley to pop the balloon. over all we think are sketch is pretty  good and will work.


this is my adobe spark poster



Rube Goldberg – idea

My group for rube Goldberg is Samara and Rocio are group was very exited to so rube Goldberg because we thought it would be fun and exiting. for are group it took a lot of work to think of what are simple task should be. we looked at lots of different  sites and videos to think of ideas and then we finaly came up with are top three turning a page, popping a balloon, and flipping a light swich we all though these ideas were good so it was difficult. we finally choose to do popping a balloon. we choose to do this one because we though it would be simple to do and we could build it.

Feature Article Podcast Reflection

Hi! welcome back to my blog today i going to be taking about my feature artical In fifth grade we wrote feature articles about something in Heathcote my feature article was about kids getting hurt on the playground and after we wrote them we made a podcast  on are topic . some good things about the podcast were we got to work with the mac books, microphone, and i could ask my  partner that i made the feature article with her name was Maddy. some bad things about the  feature article podcast was hearing your voice, but over all it was fun.

My Feature Article Podcast

edcamp 2

I thought ed camp was really fun. i saw Jeannie Rosenthal who was talking about being  a person who started a new company. She was very interesting she also talked about how we can change the world. I also went to see a man  who was talking about climate change he won the nobel peace prize and he also told us how we can make a difference in the world. Overall i thought ed camp so much fun and i would do it again.

The Walk Home

Ring!!! The bell rang the girls ran out.  Anna and Suzie had a playdate. Suzie forgot her water bottle in the back of the school so they went and got it.

When they got there Anna said, “My mom is waiting at the house for us to walk home”. Then Suzie said, “Let’s take this way!” They did not know it was the long way.  

They felt like lost animals. They thought something would pop out the woods by the path. They did not know what to do! Suzie said to Anna, “I hope your mom is still waiting!” Anna said “I hope so too!”

They made it! They got home. Anna’s mom was not home. They did not know where she was. Anna said that she is probably in the house.

Anna’s mom called them on the phone but they did not answer. They did not know what to say. Anna’s mom kept calling and they finally answered. They did not know what to say. They were afraid that Anna’s mom would be mad. Then they heard Anna’s mom say, “I am on my way!”

Anna’s mom knew to come to the house. She came in and said, “Where were you?” The girls said that they got lost. Anna’s mom said, “Don’t do that again!” She was not that mad because she was happy that they were safe!

Movie madness

My favorite thing to do is to go to the movies with my grandma. I was so excited to watch the movie the movie. We got our popcorn,our drinks, and candy. We sat down I was ready to watch half way into the movie it stopped.

Then the alarm went off I sat there for a second in shock and then we dropped our popcorn and ran ran. The lights shot on all the people screaming and all the people panicking. Me and my grandma did not know what to do.

The worker shot out and started pointing to the exit sign.there were so many people we could barely fit through the exit. We finally got out and ran to our car. Luckily our car was on the first floor of the parking lot.

When we were driving home we say so many people sitting and waiting  for the movie to come on again but I knew it was not going to turn on. When we got home we were shocked of what had happened.

We had gone back to bed when I got up in the morning it took me a minute to remember what had happened  i put on the tv, and the news was on and it was on the news!a water pipe explored ! who knew

Book of The Month – Ted Talk Reflection


“‘One Plastic Bag” is mainly about how 5 women made that make a change. My favorite part  was when one person bought the bag and then a lot of people started to buy the bag because it shows that one person can change a lot. This book reminded me of  when my aunt made me a sweater from scratch. The message of the book is to keep your environment clean. I think that because if you litter some animals will die because it is bad to pollute.

Image result for one plastic bag book

In the Ted Talk it is mainly about banning plastic bags in bail and working to fix a problem. My favorite part was when  the girls went to the airport to get signatures because they reached their goal. This talk  reminds me of a poem called dont give up. The message  of the talk is dont give up  

information book – ice skating

I have been working on my information book. We had  to name our information book. My name  was ice skating. We had to write chapters and add pictures we also  added a introduction and we had to add captions. The last thing we did was animations. We have  been working so hard on this we shared it with other kids in other classes.  I hope you like my information book.