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capstone #4 sitevist

for my site visit I went the Instagram and Facebook HQ to see all the Instagram and Facebook offices I took the subway to the NYC where I walked in the building and  saw all the offices.

I meet lots of people at my site visit one person I meet he use to work at twitter and now he as a blog that he works on and it very popular.

This site visit helped me answer my sub questions because most of the people I talked to said that kids care too much about likes and followers which helped me answer lots of sub-questions.

My site kept my opinion on social media the same because during my site visit I learned lots of things that I also mostly found in my research.

My site visit helped me answer my main inquiry question because I learned lot of positive effects of social media and the negative effects of social media.



capstone#3 interview

i interviewed Samantha Silverman. She is a journalist for a website called health magazine, she has researched, and wrote articles on social media’s effects on health.

Somethings that she told me on what her opinion is on the topic, she told my about some articles she wrote on social media. Also, how we could fix the negative effects. I asked her what the proper age is to use social media and she said, ”11”. This matched my research because my research claimed that 11 was the typical age to start using social media. But this also means that kids already start using social media at a young age.

This interview helped me answer my main and sub questions because I asked her small questions within my sub questions and and answers to those question help my get info on my main and sub question. One sub question that helped me was how does social media effect kids communication. She explained that kids can talk to each other more easily with social media, but they communicate less face to face.

This interview surprised me because she said that social media probably has the biggest effect on families. I had no idea it affected not only the kid or teen using social media, but their parents and siblings and people around them. This interview did not surprise me because she said that social media has big effects on mental health, which I already knew from my research. This interview really helped me get good information to answer my questions.

This interview changed my opinion on social media in some ways, and kept my opinion the same in other ways. This changed my opinion on social media’s effect on physical health because I didn’t realize that kids don’t exercise as much or sleep as much because they are on their phones. This kept my opinion the same on social media’s effect on mental health because my research showed the same information.

capstone #2 choosing a main iquiry questions and choosing my sub questions

the main thing you need for capstone is you need to have a main inquiry question and sub questions but is hard to come up with thees questions. a inqury question is a main question you want to research about your topic to find a main inqury question   you need to know is it a  researchable, does this question intreast me, and many more things you need to know to make sure its a good question. sub questions  are questions about your main inqury question and your main topic that you are going to and talk about in your presintashion. over all it was a long prossice to find my questions but i am exited to start reasheraching.

Capstone #1 Choosing a topic

All of the 5th graders in every Scarsdale school does a big project at the end of the year its called capstone its when every child picks a topic that they are very interested in and they do lots of research on . The 5th graders a Heathcote school stared capstone first we had to choose a topic. we filed out an inquiry packet that would later help you pick your topic it had questions like what are your interest , what are you an expert on, and many more questions. i had to narrow  down lots of topics that  i had in mind. At the end we had to pick a topic a topic one and topic two  a topic one is the topic you are most interested in and your topic two is the topic is a topic you want to do but you are a little less interested in. my topic one  was social media and my topic two  was dance i chose  social media because i love social media and i want to learn lots more about it. i choose dance as my topic two because i know lots about dance already but still want to learn more.