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Capstone #5

I have learned so much about thrill rides. I have learned about how they are designed, how they have changed, what the first roller coasters were, what are some iconic roller coasters and what the rides are made of. The most surprising facts I learned were that the first roller coasters were made in the 1400s, and they were ice covered hills, and the fastest roller coaster’s top speed is 149 miles per hour. My main inquiry question was: “How has science and technology impacted the experience of the rides?”. With the advancements of science and technology ride designers and engineers are able to create rides that are faster and more thrilling than ever before while ensuring rider safety at all times.

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Science #2

Today in class we had science. In science we were mixing substances. The substances we mixed were colored sugar and oil, colored sugar and water also colored sugar and vinegar.

The first thing we did was make the colored sugar. The color of the sugar was purple. We put food coloring in the sugar and then the sugar got kind of sticky. The first mixture we made was colored sugar and water. My groups hypothesis was if we mix colored sugar with water then the sugar will dissolve but the sugar would not be purple anymore and the water will be purple. Our hypothesis was confirmed. The water was purple and the sugar sank to the bottom and dissolved.

The next experiment we conducted was mixing colored sugar and oil. My groups hypothesis was If we mix oil with colored sugar then the oil will become a light purple and it will take longer to dissolve. Our groups hypothesis was confirmed. I think the oil was the most dense materiel.

The third and final liquid we used was vinegar. My groups hypothesis was if we mixed colored sugar and vinegar then the sugar will not dissolve. We thought that because we thought that the vinegar would be more dense than it was. Our hypothesis was denied. The sugar dissolved more in the vinegar than in the oil.

As the time went by my groups communication got much better.

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Capstone #4

Over the weekend I went to Rye Playland. I went with my mom and dad. It wasn’t very helpful. There were some things that helped but, my interview was more helpful. Somethings that stood out to me was that the price of the ticket depended on how tall you were. Also if you lived in Westchester you got a $5 discount.

Some of the rides were similar to the rides that are at carnivals. I think the ride that i had to wait in line the logest for was the dragon coaster. Here is a picture of the dragon coaster:

Image result for dragon coaster playland full ride

I think that the scariest ride i went on was super flight. As the day went on the lines got longer. When the park opened there were no lines but later on in the day the lines got pretty long. Here is an image of super flight:

Image result for super flight rye playland\

When I got to the park the lines were not that long. The longest wait i had to do was about 20 minutes. As the day passed by the park got more crowded and crowded.

Some other things i noticed is that some of the rides were interactive for example they had bumper cars and go carts. Antoher thing I noticed was that all the kiddyland rides were all in the same section of the park.

A lot of the rides made me dizzy. There were three rides that were closed. One of the rides was a tower ride, one of the rides was thrill ride that and another was a kiddyland ride. Overall my site visit was not very helpful.

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Capstone #3

Yesterday I had my interview. My dad and my mom both helped me with my interview by finding an interviewee on the internet. I interviewed Paul Lattin. He works for S&S worldwide, a roller coaster engineering company. Paul has been working for S&S for seven years as an engineer. His favorite coaster he designed was called Gale Force, which coaster uses linear synchronous motors. A linear synchronous motor uses air to launch the train forward.

For my interview I used a zoom meeting. A zoom meeting is an online meeting, in which you share screens. First Paul showed me a slideshow. The slide show was focused on one coaster. It was a 4D spin coaster. That kind of coaster is unique because each of the seats spin while the coaster is going. Most of the slideshow was about how the coaster was designed and built. They have built multiple coasters like that.

After the slideshow I was able to ask him my questions. My interview was very helpful and I learned a lot. Some of things I learned were what the company and Paul does, the process of designing the roller coaster, how they are built the regulations they have to follow. One of the most interesting things I learned is a lot of the time the first design of a coaster is on a napkin or the back of the envelope.

I did my interview at from my house. it came very quick and went very quick. I recorded it on my phone. After the interview was over I listened to it and took notes. I thought the interview went well and I learned a lot.


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Science Centers

In class my group started a new science unit, it is mixtures, solutions and compounds. On Wednesday and Thursday May 22nd and 23rd my science group and I did some science activities.

The first thing we did was read about Mixtures Solutions and compounds. A mixture is a combination of two or more substances, for example a salad is a mixture. A solution is a mixture in which one solution dissolves in another, for example lemonade is a solution. A compound is made up of molecules and atoms of different elements.

After that we did an activity called create it. For that station we got a cup of beads with letters on it in different colors. the first thing we had to do was sort them by color. After we sorted them by color we had to write down the physical property’s of the beads. After we wrote down the physical property’s we had to mix them back together. We were asked the question did the physical property’s change. They didn’t because it was the same beads as before.

The next station my group and I did was called sort it. In that station we were giving cards that said a mixture, solution or compound we had to sort it on a sheet of paper.

After that we did a station called match it. In that station there were cards with a definition and a card that matched the definition.after we matched the cards we had to write the definition on our worksheet.

The next thing we did was a station called explain it. We were given a page to write on and a lemonade recipe. We had to make observations on the page and then we had to answer the question why is lemonade a solution not a compound.

The final station that we did was watching a video. The video was about elements and compounds. after we watched the video we had to write down vocabulary from the video, then we had to take a test about what we watched.

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In school my class and I are reading Refugee by Alan Gratz. In the story there are three main characters. They are Josef, Isabel, Mahmoud. In the story the power shifts between characters a lot.

Josef-In the beginning of Josephs story Adolf Hitler and the Nazis had the power. When Josef was having his bar mitzvah. He felt powerful because he didn’t think there would be enough men. He needed ten men but one hundred men came. Josef also felt power when his mom took the sleeping pills and his dad was in their room he felt like the man of the family. He also felt power when his dad jumped of the boat. The power shifted to the Cuban government when they kept saying tomorrow and they would not let them onto the island. The Cuban government sent them back to Germany. The power shifted back to Josef when they were taking the captain and the rest of the crew hostage. Josef, Ruthy and his mom went back to France. When they got their the Nazis regained the power when they attacked France.

Isabel-In the beginning of Isabel’s story Fidel Castro had all the power. Fidel Castro lost some of his power when people were rioting. He was letting people leave Cuba. When Isabel and the Castillo’s were leaving they felt powerful. During their journey the storm had the power. After the storm the tanker had the power. Because of all that they ended up in the Bahamas. They were sent out of the Bahamas. A little bit of power shifted to Isabel when she asked for aspirin for her mom. After they left the Bahamas the sharks had the power when they killed Ivan Castillo Isabel’s closest friend.

Mahmoud-In the beginning of Mahmouds story the Syrian government had all the power. Later on Mahmoud had some power when he saved walleed from being shot at in the car. The smugglers had the power when they kept making up excuses for not having the boat ready. Mahmoud’s family felt power when they were leaving turkey on the dingy. When they were falling off the boat the ocean had the power.  Mahmoud and his mom felt power when he found they found the life jacket. The power shifted to the taxi driver when he had the gun and was pointing it at mahmouds family. After they got out of the taxi the power shifted to the people in the Hungarian army with the tear gas.

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Now that I have y topic we had to pick a main inquiry question. My inquiry question is, How have science and technology changed the experience of the rides? After we picked our main question we picked subtopics. my subtopic questions are, How do simulators work? How do water rides compare to roller coasters? How have rides evolved? How has science and tech made rides safer? What is the difference if a ride is indoors or outdoors? Right now I am finding resources and evaluation them. I have a couple books, videos, websites and search terms. I am in a good spot right now.

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Capstone #1

For capstone I chose to study thrill rides. I chose this topic because I love going on rides and I wanted to learn how they work and how they evolved. I was choosing between thrill rides and Marvel. It took me a little while to pick which topic. I was not sure which I wanted to pick. I asked my family for some advice. The way I ended up choosing my topic was by figuring out what I wanted to do for each topic, how I was going to present and I narrowed both topics down. I ended up choosing thrill rides.

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Passion Project#6

I finally finished my project. I am going to share my presentation tomorrow. I had a lot of fun making it. I recorded my songs on Monday. Instead of using garageband to record the songs, I recorded using voice memos. My favorite song that I recorded was Crazy Train. Here is my slideshow:

My Favorite part of making the presentation was recording the songs. I really enjoyed the project and I am excited to present my research.

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Passion Project #5

Today I researched Ed Sheeran. I learned a lot about him. I learned how he was discovered, that he was bullied and that sometimes he slept in the parks or the subway. Ed Sheeran Had a lot of perseverance. Here is what I wrote about Ed Sheeran:

Ed sheeran was bullied at school manly for his stutter and over sized glasses. He had a tough time socializing at school. He joined a church choir at the age of 4 and started playing guitar shortly after. He started writing songs when he was 11. When he was a kid he was having a surgery that went wrong. That left him with a lazy eye and severe speech problems. Whenever he raised his hand and tried to speak no word would come out. Other kids mocked him for that. He just stopped participating in class. Speech therapy wasn’t going well and he feared that he would have that problem his whole life. Hid dad bought Eminem’s record and that Inspired him. He wrote more of his own music and all of the sudden his stutter was gone. At the age of 14 he wants to London To start his music career. When he was in London he often had to sleep in Subway’s or on in parks. On some nights he didn’t have money For food and was often on the  verge of giving up but he never did. I’m on the end he was performing and small venues. He produced his own music, released albums, did auditions and collaborated with other artists he met along the way. In 2009 he played in more than 300 shows alone. He got social Media in 2010 and one of his videos got the attention of the rapper Example’s attention. Example liked his style so much she invited Ed to go on tour with him. After his social media started to get popular he moved to America. He arrived in LA without a recording contractor a place to stay. He sent out his music to anyone he could reach out to. One day he was on the show of the local radio host and was brought to stage. He was terrified. After 12 minutes he got a standing ovation. The host was Jamie Foxx. He was so impressed that he let Ed use his recording studio. He also let him stay at his house for a few weeks. After getting number 2 on iTunes with a new song he was invited to work with Atlantic records. With their help he made his label debut studio album “+.” it sold 102,000 copies. Later that year it was the best-selling album in the UK. A year after the album was released over 1 million copies were sold. After the hit he worked with Taylor Swift and One Direction. His song “I See Fire” was in the movie The Hobbit. His next album “X” came out in 2014 and had some of his biggest hits. It went straight to number 1 in the US and UK. In 2016 it won the Grammy award for best song of the year. 

Here is the article I read:

Ed Sheeran’s Life Story: How a Bullied Ginger Boy Became Britain’s Biggest Music Success

Today I started learning some songs from different time periods. Next Monday I am going to record the songs. I am only going to record Parts of the songs. I will be recording the riffs(main part of the song that repeats). Here is a picture of the songs:

Today I worked mainly on the riff of Crazy Train. Here is the music for that:

Some of the songs I will be using an Electric guitar but on the rest of the songs I will be using an acoustic guitar.

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