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Passion Project #1

on April 8, 2019

This week I started my Passion Project. I am studying the evolution of Guitar in Music. I have been looking at the top 5 songs of each decade. I got my lists and have been comparing them. Some of my questions are:

  • What are the most famous songs for each decade?
  • What are the most famous artists of each decade?
  • How did people react to different artists and songs?

I came to a problem with my research. I realized that all the websites I looked at were just rock songs, so I have to go back and find sites that have all different kinds of music. After I do all that I am going to interview my guitar teacher. I am also going to learn how to play some of the different songs.

To present all of my research I will be making a video of me playing the different songs and accompany it with a slide show showing what I have learned.

Some Popular artists have been The Rolling Stones and Bill Haley. A good Website that I have Been using is vintage Guitar Magazine ( I have also been listening to the songs I have Found.

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