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Tech – 3 Making Autamatas

on February 29, 2020

We have started the process of making automates. The first thing we did was learn how to use the Vectornator app on our iPads. Wer had to use this to make our cam and followers. Here is mine:

The oddly shaped one is my cam and the circle is my follower. My cam is oddly shaped because of what I chose to be on the top of my automata. I chose to make a basketball going into a hoop. To make the cam and followers we had to laser cut them. My cam and follower came out smaller than I wanted it to be. While glueing my cams together I realized that the hole was in the wrong spot, so I had to reprint my cam.

The next step was to make the box that our cam and follower will go in. We had to glue the sides together. We used hot glue guns to glue them together. I have used a hot glue gun one time before. I burned myself on the glue. One problem that came up while I was gluing my box the sides weren’t aligned so I had to get that side cut off.


After that we had to glue our cams and followers together to make it stronger.

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