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plant observations #3

My controlled plant has done very good my manipulated plant has still not grown. Maybe if my group had given it water earlier it may have grown. My group are still giving it three drops of water everyday. If the plant has grown my group would have pollinated it.


My controlled plant is doing very well. We pollinated our plants. The have pods. The plant has seven pods. The pods are yellow. They are at the top of the plants. Some of the stems are purple. One of the plants died. My group Thinks that the plant had to be pollinated earlier. After the plant Makes a seed it dies.


When we pollinated our plants we touched each flower and then we touched the next plant and the pollen went on the stigma. The pollen was yellow it was small. After the plant got pollinated it started to die. The stems were getting purple. The plants were wilting a little bit. The plants were losing color.
I think the controlled plant is going to have more pods and the pods will grow bigger also I think the plant will die a little bit more. For the manipulated plant I think nothing will happen to the plant.

This picture was taken on May 31:

Controlled plant

This picture was taken on May 31:

Manipulated Plant


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plant observations #2

A lot has happened with our plants throughout the week. My controlled plant has grown to be three and one quarter inches tall. The plant has started to bloom and the leaves are starting get spiky. We water the plant everyday with two drops of water. Some of the plants are wilting toward one side it looks like they are trying to get the most sunlight. The plants have grown a lot since we planted them. They are growing very quickly. We thinned our plants on Monday, May, Fifteenth we picked the stronger more healthy plant to stay growing and the other one got taken out.


My manipulated plant has not grown yet. The Mountain dew is not helping the plant. Since the plant has not grown, my group and I decided to try and bring the plant back to life. Instead of watering the plants with Mountain dew we are going to water the plant with regular water. We think it will work because someone in my group spilled a drop of Mountain Dew on my controlled plant and that plant was our tallest plant. We put more water in the manipulated plant so the plant has a chance of coming back to life.  We usually give it three drops of water instead of two.

I think the plant has not grown because the Mountain Dew has 77 grams of sugar or it could be because of the corn syrup. Possibly it is because of the caffeine, maybe it stunts plants growth too.

This picture was taken on Monday May 15:


The controlled plant

This picture was taken on Monday May 15:

The manipulated plant



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Plant Observations #1

My class has been studying plants. We had to come up with a question. My group’s question was what would happen if we poured Mountain Dew on a plant we wanted to do it because Mountain Dew has a lot of sugar and plants produce sugar. My hypothesis was if I give a plant mountain dew then the plant will not grow. We had a controlled plant and a manipulated plant. We gave our controlled plant water, dirt and fertilizer our manipulated plant had Mountain Dew instead of water.

On the first day nothing happened to both plants. On the second day there was a little sprout for the controlled plant nothing for the other plant. Over the weekend the controlled plant grew one inch on the fourth day our controlled plant grew one quarter of an inch. Still nothing happened with the other plant. Our controlled plant is doing a lot better than our manipulated plant. One problem that we ran into was that someone spilled mountain dew on a plant and a leaf died but another leaf started growing it is smaller than the other leafs. Everyday we take observations of our plants and we have a schedule for watering the plants we water the plants everyday we do two drops of water and two drops of Mountain Dew.


I don’t think the Mountain Dew plant is not going to grow I think it is dead. I wonder what is in the mountain dew plant that is causing the plant not to grow. I think it is either the sugar or the caffeine there is seventy seven grams of sugar or it might be the corn syrup that is messing up the plant. I wonder what will happen next.

This picture was taken on Monday May 8, 2017:

The controlled plant

This picture was taken on Monday May 8, 2017. Nothing has happened:

The manipulated plant


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Bar Graphs

This unit my class has been doing graphs. We made our own graphs. Some of us had a partner and some of us just did it by ourselves. I made a graph with a partner to survey our classmate’s favorite sports. We first chose Football, Basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. We changed the hockey choice to other because we thought only one of our classmates would vote for it. First, I had to plan my graph in a packet and then I had to find a partner who was interested in surveying the same thing. Next we had to sketch the graph in pencil and then we traced it in black sharpie.  After that we had to come up with five questions. Here is a picture of my graph:

IMAGE OF CHART: To save this image to your hard drive, right-click on the image and select Save Picture As...


Which sport would you vote for you. You can comment the answer. 

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Maglev Reflection – Day 3

Today my group improved our maglev train. We added more magnets so the train could hold more glass marbles. We also tried to put ring magnets so we only had to push the train once and it would keep going back and fourth but it did’t really work . Here is a picture of my group improving our maglev train.

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Maglev Reflection – Day 2

A couple days ago my group worked on our maglev trains. My group switched to using strip magnets. My group was successful. It took my group a long time to success. It was frustrating but we did it.  My group thought the strip magnets were easier. This is a picture of my group working on our maglev train:

I was really happy when we got the train to work. My group worked pretty well together.

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Maglev Reflection – Day 1

We have been learning about maglev trains. we are making mini maglev trains. We are doing it in groups.

My group was having a debate to see who had the best ideas. my group chose to use bar magnets. we were debating over bar magnets or strip magnets.

My group started doing the track first. My group used five bar magnets on each side. Then we did the train car. we used two magnets on each side.

The first time my group tried the magnets were attracting so we switched the magnets around and we failed again. we were really close to succeeding.

We picked bar magnets because me and my group thought it was the most safe and was the most powerful.

We had packets to plan our maglev trains. We had to draw pictures and list our materials.

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My Expert Book Reflection

In third grade I posted an expert book. My expert book was about college Football. We were not allowed to do any research. When I picked the order of our chapters I put my chapters in order by what happens most. I thought planning and writing my expert book was hard, but all the hard work was worth it. The funnest part of making my expert was adding pictures. I thought making my expert book was one of the funnest projects of third grade.


Read my book, I hope you enjoy my expert book.

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My Expert Book About College Football

This is my expert book on college football we chose a topic and we had to do it with out any research.  Hope you enjoy my expert book.

Thanks for reading!

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