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Tech 3

In class we started a unit on 3D printing. If you don’t know what a 3D printer is, it uses a plastic called fills net to make a 3D object. Here is a picture of a 3D printer

3d printers are used for a lot of things, from making body parts to toys to even houses. 3d printing is a cheap and less time consuming ways to make objects. A problem that I could solve using 3d printing is making prosthetic body parts. Here is a picture of a 3d body part.

3d printing is a very helpful way to make things that doesn’t cost much and lasts for a long time. 3d printing has come a long way it is now used a lot for medical reasons and making things.


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Tech Post #2

In Tech we are learning different types of wood and trees. Some of the stuff we are learning about trees is about the wood inside of the tree. Here is a diagram of the inside of a tree.

We are also learning about how they make wood in to planks and cut it and that kind of stuff. The first thing that they do is saw down trees, then they send it to a mill on a train. In the mill they use technology to sort the wood by size and kind, then they use saws and different blades to cut the wood in to small planks. After that it goes through different conveyor belts and gets packaged and shipped out. Here is a video that shows the process of the mill.

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Tech 7 Post 1

What does it mean to build something? Well building something is putting different parts together to make something bigger. Building something can be simple and easy such as attaching different pieces to each other or something that requires a loot of tools and parts. This is an example of something really big getting built.

Last year in science we made Rube Goldbergs, these are machines made up of simple machines to do a simple task. It got a little hard at points because when stuff wasn’t working it was frustrating And it was hard to figure out what to do next. I had some help from my mom, it was good when she helped me because when I stoped running out of ideas she would help me think of stuff. I don’t still have this Rube Goldberg. Here’s a link too the video of my Rube Goldberg


I think this was a fun project because it was good to be creative and use different stuff in different ways. This a was a new experience because normally I don’t use the things in it the way its used in the video.


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