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Passion Project#6

I finally finished my project. I am going to share my presentation tomorrow. I had a lot of fun making it. I recorded my songs on Monday. Instead of using garageband to record the songs, I recorded using voice memos. My favorite song that I recorded was Crazy Train. Here is my slideshow:

My Favorite part of making the presentation was recording the songs. I really enjoyed the project and I am excited to present my research.

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Passion Project #3

Yesterday I looked over all my song lists and found a couple artists that I would like to look into more. I decided to look into Elvis Presley. I learned that a magazine printed a lie about him that he was racist. Critics savaged him because they thought that his dancing was noxious. They also called him vulgar. They did not mean it, they feared that Elvis would lead to equal rights and racial interrogation. People considered Elvis’ songs to be black music. Some people said that he copied people’s songs. I am also going to research Jimi Hendrix and Ed Sheeran.

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Passion Projected#2

Today I Interviewed my Guitar teacher. It went well. The questions I asked were:

What are you favorite songs played on guitar from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and from 2019 to Present Day

Who are is your favorite artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and from 2019 to Present Day?

What Artists influenced different types of music?

A lot of the answers he gave me were similar to the songs on the lists I got. The interview went well here are some of his answers:

What are you favorite songs played on guitar from

50s? Johnny B Goode

60s? Purple Haze By The Jimi Hendrix Experience

70s? Hotel California

80s? Message in a Bottle by The Police

90s? Enter Sandman Metallica

2000-2009? Wake Me Up When September Ends By Green Day

2010-To present day? Down By Marian Hill

Who are your favorite artists who played the guitar from

50s Chuck Berry

60s? Jimi Hendrix

70s? George Harrison

80s? Eddie Van Halen

90s? Krik Hammett

2000-2009?Billie Joe Armstrong

2010-To present day? Ed Sheeran

What Artists influenced different types of music

Jimi Hendrix: Rock


Passion Project #1

This week I started my Passion Project. I am studying the evolution of Guitar in Music. I have been looking at the top 5 songs of each decade. I got my lists and have been comparing them. Some of my questions are:

  • What are the most famous songs for each decade?
  • What are the most famous artists of each decade?
  • How did people react to different artists and songs?

I came to a problem with my research. I realized that all the websites I looked at were just rock songs, so I have to go back and find sites that have all different kinds of music. After I do all that I am going to interview my guitar teacher. I am also going to learn how to play some of the different songs.

To present all of my research I will be making a video of me playing the different songs and accompany it with a slide show showing what I have learned.

Some Popular artists have been The Rolling Stones and Bill Haley. A good Website that I have Been using is vintage Guitar Magazine ( I have also been listening to the songs I have Found.

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Passion Project Reflection

I just finished my passion project. I am studying the science of technology of trains. we had 6 weeks to to do it. The 6 weeks were broken up into 3 parts.  In the first two weeks we had to do research. The second 2 weeks we either had to do an interview or we had to go on a site visit. I did an interview. I interviewed a train engineer. He worked for a company called urban engineers. Here’s a link to the company:

The last two weeks was creating a final project. We had a couple options of to present our project the choices were ted talk or we could do a we video. I chose the ted talk. I chose the ted talk because I thought it fit best with my topic. The way I created my ted talk was by making a slideshow of images on google slides. When I presented my passion project the image slideshow played behind me while I spoke about what the audience the images.

I spoke about many things, The first thing I talked about one thing I spoke about was the first self moving train the puffing devil and I compared it to a train under construction called Hyperloop 1 I compared the speeds. Hyperloop 1 is a lot faster than the puffing devil, then I talked aabout how Hyperloop 1 was able to go so fast. Another thing I talked about was maglev. Maglev stands for magnetic levitation. What that means is that the train floats above the track. The last thing I talked about was how the trains in the us could go a little faster.

I thought doing this project was really interesting. It was a lot of work but It was definitely worth it. I would definitely do it again.


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