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Tech – 2

Last Friday in tech we did an activity where there were different boxes on each table that had different types of simple machines inside the boxes. The point of the activity was that the boxes were closed and we had to draw what we thought was inside. Most of my drawings weren’t right. A cam and follower was what was inside the box. The boxes were called automates. Here is what they look like:

I enjoyed doing the activity.


Right now we started making Automates.


I will explain how we are making them in the next post. I hoped you enjoyed this post.

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Intro to Tech – Post One

Yesterday in tech we did an activity called breakout EDU. In this activity the goal was to get into a locked box. There were clues to what the codes of the locks were placed around the room. There were 3 different types of locks that we had to unlock. One was a directional lock, one was a. 4 digit number lock and there was a 5 letter word lock. Also in the middle of the room there was a bonus box. Whichever team unlocked that box first got the content that was inside it. Inside it was a flashlight that could show invisible ink. If you unlocked the box you got safety goggles. Here is a picture of the box and locks:

Some of the tools that I am looking forward to using are the soldering iron, and the drill press. Here is what they look like:

So far I am enjoying tech. I hope you enjoyed my first tech post.

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Passion Project 4

This week I made my final project. The changes I made to improve my basket were to add a hole in the bottom and to screw the basket to the pole. I added a hole to the bottom of the because later on they added a hole in the bottom for the ball to go through. I added the screws to keep the basket steady. Here are some picture of my final project:

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Passion Project 3

This week we had to make a plan of action and a prototype. For my first prototype I bought a basket from the store and got a mop. I was going to use the stick end of the mop to attach the basket to. I was going to take off the mop bottom, but the mop bottom was good for it to stand. As I looked into peach baskets more I learned that when the baskets where first made the didn’t have a hole in the bottom, but later on they drilled a small hole on the bottom so when somebody scored they would take a long stick and poke the ball out. To attach the hoop to the mop I used duct tape but next time it think I’m going to nail it together. Here are pictures of my prototype:


Passion Project 2

The next thing we did was make slideshows about the steps of making it and what we wanted it to look like. Here is mine:


Passion Projects

For my 6th grade passion project I chose to do the history of basketball. For my final project I am going to make a peach basket.

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For the first time I presented my Ted Talk for a live audience. It didn’t feel that different from when I did my presentation that was recorded. The presentation went well. I did a good job. When I got recorded for YouTube there was one part where  I was forgetting what to say but than I remembered and the rest of it was good. When I did my live presentation I didn’t mess up. Last year we did passion projects where we had to give a TedTalk so it wasn’t much different. Here is my TedTalk:

Thank you for watching I hoped you enjoyed it.

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I have finished my final project. I made a Ted Talk. I have a rehearsed my script plenty of times. Every time I present it gets better and better. The first time I didn’t look at my script I was amazed by how much I actually knew. To practice my script I read it to my class and my family. They gave be good feedback and some comments constructive criticism which helped me. The first thing that I had to do was write my script. With that I got some help from my parents and our senior option. The next thing thing I did was make my slideshow. I wrote my script on a google doc, I added a table with for columns. The columns were time, slide, script and image so I knew what image to put on my slideshow. The third step was to practice the script and get feedback. The last thing I did was make index cards with bullets for my presentation. Here is my slideshow:

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Capstone #5

I have learned so much about thrill rides. I have learned about how they are designed, how they have changed, what the first roller coasters were, what are some iconic roller coasters and what the rides are made of. The most surprising facts I learned were that the first roller coasters were made in the 1400s, and they were ice covered hills, and the fastest roller coaster’s top speed is 149 miles per hour. My main inquiry question was: “How has science and technology impacted the experience of the rides?”. With the advancements of science and technology ride designers and engineers are able to create rides that are faster and more thrilling than ever before while ensuring rider safety at all times.

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Science #2

Today in class we had science. In science we were mixing substances. The substances we mixed were colored sugar and oil, colored sugar and water also colored sugar and vinegar.

The first thing we did was make the colored sugar. The color of the sugar was purple. We put food coloring in the sugar and then the sugar got kind of sticky. The first mixture we made was colored sugar and water. My groups hypothesis was if we mix colored sugar with water then the sugar will dissolve but the sugar would not be purple anymore and the water will be purple. Our hypothesis was confirmed. The water was purple and the sugar sank to the bottom and dissolved.

The next experiment we conducted was mixing colored sugar and oil. My groups hypothesis was If we mix oil with colored sugar then the oil will become a light purple and it will take longer to dissolve. Our groups hypothesis was confirmed. I think the oil was the most dense materiel.

The third and final liquid we used was vinegar. My groups hypothesis was if we mixed colored sugar and vinegar then the sugar will not dissolve. We thought that because we thought that the vinegar would be more dense than it was. Our hypothesis was denied. The sugar dissolved more in the vinegar than in the oil.

As the time went by my groups communication got much better.

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