Capstone #7-CapCon Share

On the day of our graduation we had to present our Capstone presentations. My Capstone topic was robotics. This was very stressful because we had to perform in front of our PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS. But when I went up I tried to look at a spot where there was nothing but there was no place where there was something EVERYWHERE and that frustrated me a lot. But when I started I did fine I thought, But later I had a little bit of stuttering. But overall I think I did fine. When you where presenting it was very distracting with all the cameras and people. After everything my parents told me I did an amazing job which made me feel a lot better because I knew I messed up once or twice. After everything I went with my parents and grandparents to eat at the gym and talk about how I did. After I left school my mom bought me a cake and we celebrated at my favorite restaurant.

Overall Capstone was one of the best parts of 5th grade and I hope that I do more of the same in the middle school!

If you want to see my Capstone presentation then look below.





#6-Working On My Final Project

For Capstone we had to make a presentation on our topic. We could either do a TED Talk, Ignite, or anything else we wanted. A TED Talk is when you have a bunch of slides behind you while to talk about your topic. An Ignite is when you have 12 slides and you have 15 seconds on each slide and the whole thing is 3 minutes. I decided to do an Ignite but after I presented I decided I did not have enough time to say all I wanted so I did a TED Talk another reason I switched because when it switched to the next slide I was still talking about the previous ones and that got me a little stressed.

Working on this presentation was not easy. One of the most hard parts where finding pictures that suit your slides. For example when I was working on my overall project experience slide I did not know what pictures would work for that so I talked to Mrs. Edwards and now that slide is one of my best slides. Another hard part is when you have to present. Presenting is hard because when you get nervous your words start to trail off. One of the hardest parts was getting your teacher to say it was perfect. When I got that perfect from Mrs. Edwards she told Mr. Casal and then there was something I could work on. Probably the easiest part was memorizing all the stuff I was going to say becuse most of it I have used and heard a bunch of times.

I really Enjoyed this aspect of Capstone if you want to check out my presentation you can see it below.

5A Capstone-Resources That Helped Answer my Main Inquiry Question

These are some links that helped me below

Capstone #5-Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Answering my main inquiry question was a tough process. Doing all of the research to answer your sub questions was not easy. One part that made it hard was when you researched a certain question there where sometimes not a website that connects with your question. That was not the only part that made it hard it was also hard to find a book that goes with your topic. When I could not find anything that had to do with one of my questions I told my mom and she helped me out by asking people she knows and they helped me out. My main inquiry question is:

What will Robots Be able to do in the Future?

This my answer:

Are you interested in robotics and their future? Then you came to the right place. In this essay you will learn about robots and their future. I will be answering my main inquiry question, “What will robots be able to do in the future?”

“What effect will robots have in the future?” One way to answer that is robots are going to have a big impact on the elderly in the future. One example according to aa news website,”Robots are finding their way more and more into nursing homes. By 2030, the number of elderly in the world will double from 600 million today, while a shortage of caregivers for the elderly will also rise dramatically. Last year, robots were tested at a nursing home in Florence, Italy and were programmed for such tasks as accompanying the elderly to the dining room to reminding them when to take their medications. Filippo Cavallo is a professor at the BioRobotics Institute near Pisa where he founded Robot-Era that makes robots that move around on wheels but have a friendly humanoid face. Cavallo says the robot’s sensors and cameras are used to gather – and analyze – real-time data that’s sent to the cloud wirelessly where algorithms extrapolate such advanced information as whether someone is showing signs of dementia. The robots can also remind seniors about daily tasks and retaining important information such as phone number or names, all while tracking the senior’s progress or loss of memory over time.” This shows robots are coming close to being developed enough to help the elderly.

Another way that answers the question “what effects will robots have in the future?” Is robots are expected to be doctors in the future. One detail according to Shelly Palmer a news company, “may be one of the only guaranteed positive outcomes of robots’ taking human jobs. The current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100, according to a new UN DESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs) report. In practice, if everyone who ever wanted to be a doctor became one, we still would not have enough doctors.The good news is that robots make amazing doctors, diagnosticians and surgeons. According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, IBM’s Watson is teaming up with a dozen US hospitals to offer advice on the best treatments for a range of cancer, and also helping to spot early-stage skin cancers. And ultra-precise robo-surgeons are currently used for everything from knee replacement surgery to vision correction. This trend is continuing at an incredible pace. I’m not sure how robodoc bedside manner will be, but you could program a “Be warm and fuzzy” algorithm and the robodoc would act warm and fuzzy. (Maybe I can get someone to program my human doctors with a warm and fuzzy algorithm?) This shows that robots are going to have a good effect in the future if this all actually happens. The final way that answers the question “what effect will robots have in the future?” Is them being bookkeepers/librarians. One detail is according to the Wall Street Journal a newspaper company,”Data processing probably created more jobs than it eliminated, but machine learning–based accountants and bookkeepers will be so much better than their human counterparts, you’re going to want to use the machines. Robo-accounting is in its infancy, but it’s awesome at dealing with accounts payable and receivable, inventory control, auditing and several other accounting functions that humans used to be needed to do. Big Four auditing is in for a big shake-up, very soon.” This shows that if robots become bookkeepers it would be easier to find books.

What jobs will robots take in the future? One way that answers this question is Middle Management. One detail is according to Shelly Palmer,”If your main job function is taking a number from one box in Excel and putting it in another box in Excel and writing a narrative about how the number got from place to place, robots are knocking at your door. Any job where you’re “special and unique” knowledge of the industry is applied to divine a causal relationship between numbers in a matrix is going to be replaced first. Be ready.” This shows that robots are coming for this job. Another way that answers this question is Commodity Salespeople. One detail is, “Unless you sell dreams or magic or negotiate using special perks, bribes or other valuable add-ons that have nothing to do with specifications, price and availability, start thinking about your next gig. Machines can take so much cost out of any sales process (request for proposal, quotation, order and fulfillment system), it is the fiduciary responsibility of your CEO and the board to hire robots. You’re fighting gravity … get out!” This shows that salesmen better come up with some protest because robots are coming. The last way is Report Writers, Journalists, Authors & Announcers. The final detail is, “Writing is tough. But not report writing. Machines can be taught to read data, pattern match images or video, or analyze almost any kind of research materials and create a very readable (or announceable) writing. Text-to-speech systems are evolving so quickly and sound so realistic, I expect both play-by-play and color commentators to be put out of work relatively soon – to say nothing about the numbered days of sports or financial writers. You know that great American novel you’ve been planning to write? Start now, before the machines take a creative writing class.” This shows that robots are going to be a huge a upgrade over humans so they are already working on it.

In conclusion robots have some good things that they will do in the future and some things we might want to prevent. The question what will robots be able to do in the future? Is still a question that has not been answered but there have been some very good predictions based on what is happening now in robotics. I think my question is being very close to being answered because engineers are very close to being done with a bunch of robots designs. Robotics is something you should really consider researching because it might help you in the future and not only that but it is very interesting and you can learn how to make one along the way.


Scarsdale Middle School Tour

On June 2nd the whole grade went to the Scrasdale Middle School(SMS) for a tour of our houses. The first thing that we did was every schools kids met in the auditorium and where separated by house. I was in the Popham house with all these other kids.

After we all met in the  auditorium the principal put us on a tour with our house counselor who seemed really nice. Then our house counselor brought us to the courtyard to talk about next year and to talk to the teachers they also brought us to meet some of the people in our house. For example we asked some of the kids in our houses what there names where and one fact about themselves. After we did all of that we where separated into classes by last name.

I was in the Social Studies class. The teacher was subbing for the real Social Studies teacher. He was subbing because our real Social Studies teacher was having a baby. When we came in to the Social Studies room we saw a bunch of sixth graders. When we walked in we where instructed to look for at each table to find our name. Once I found my name I sat at that spot. Once everyone settled in the sixth graders started talking to us about next year and how fun it is. For example they talked to us about what is the best parts about middle school and the worst parts about middle school.

After they talked to us everyone in Popham walked back to the auditorium and we where dismissed by class and came back to school. Overall the tour was great and very helpful towards my middle school experiences.

Going to Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant

Today, May 31, 2017, for our Spanish class we went to a restaurant were we only were allowed to speak Spanish and to try Peruen food.  During our last Spanish class we spent most of our time learning how to use our Spanish vocabulary at the restaurant. Today’s lunch at Peruen Restaurant was kind of a test to see how good each one of us is at Spanish.

Before we had our food we were given a questionnaire to ask each person at our table, for example one of the questions was what is your favorite dish so far.

The food that was served to us was great. I enjoyed almost every meal that was served and would like to go back to the restaurant with my family. The way food was tasted was exactly what I like. For example they put a little bit of lime on everything which made the dish very balanced and tasty. We had family style meal which include: lomo saltado which is beef and fries, my favorite dish the reason I liked was because the steak and fries were cooked exactly how I like; the second dish was pollo saltado which means chicken and fries which was my second favorite because the chicken did not taste as good as the beef but the chicken was still good. The last two dishes were Pescado which is fish and rice which was ok but not my favorite. The last was tallarin saltado de carne which is beef with noodles this dish was my third favorite because I felt like the noodles had a little bit too much lime on them.

We also tried this drink called Chicha Morada I thought it was disgusting but some people liked it. I thought it was disgusting because there was way too much cinnamon inside. Overall the trip was really fun and the food was very good.

Scarsdale Middle School Houses Thoughts

I got into Popham! Popham was the house I really wanted to go to. When I came from school I got really nervous and scared because the email about what house I was going to get into was coming soon. I wanted to get into Popham or Fountain really bad and I also wanted to get into a house with my friends. All that I wished for came true I am so relieved. I am so thankful of getting into the house I wanted to get into with my friends and I am super exited to start middle school in the house I wanted to get into with all my friends.

#4 Site Visit -Connecticut Discovery Museum

For my site visit I went to the Connecticut Discovery Museum with my dad. I went there because I thought it would teach me new programs that are used for robots. But instead it taught me better, it taught me software inside of robots and taught me where robots get there power. It also taught me, what wires that are inside robots and are used for robots. This helped me with my research by telling me what wires engineers use for simple robots for example if an engineer was willing to build a simple robot it would be using wires but a complicated robot would use code this trip taught me how an engineer builds simple robots. This trip also gave me information on how to build a robot. We also saw simple machines used for robots which really surprised me because I did not know that such a simple tool can make such a complicated machine. After my dad and I went to this room where we pull on a rope that triggers a robot to change color.

Then, my dad and I did some activities where they give you a task and you have to connect the wires to make the robot change color, talk to you, make a number etc. My favorite activity was connecting the wires and seeing what they did at the end. This was my favorite activity because it helped me realize what each wires were used for different occasions in robotics. Also while I was connecting the wires I realized where each robot got there power from. I realized this because while I was connecting the wires the power had to have come from some where, then I looked up and saw the wires was getting it’s power from this plus minus machine. Then when I asked my dad what it was he told me it was power used to make the wires work.

My dad and I didn’t only look at the robotics part of the museum we also looked at other parts such as this really cool bottle that had some sort of chemical inside that was attracted to a magnet so if you put the magnet up to the bottle the chemicals will come right to it and it was one of my favorite parts. Overall this site visit was really helpful towards my Capstone project because when I look back at the site visit, it helps me with my research.

This picture below is a picture of me looking inside of a robot and what wires are used for it.

#3 Capstone Interview With Alex Novoselov

Never doubt your mom on any sort of project cause what she did for me is great. I was really scared when Mrs. Edwards said that we had to schedule our interview I got so scared because I did not have one. When I came home that day I said mom we need to have a long talk. Once we got into a private place I told her what the problem was then she came up with such a great idea and that was to interview my relative Alex Novoselov. When she came up with that a huge sigh of relief.

On May 18, 2017 I interviewed Alex Novoselov, who’s a graduate student from Princeton University School of Engineering. This interview was related to my capstone project, about Robotic. I am 5th grade student, and this is my first experience in interviewing people. I was a little bit nervous in the beginning , even though that Alex is my distant relative. As it turned out, he’d experience robotic and told me a lot of interesting things about robotics.

I started the interview by asking my first question, and told him that I have set of questions that I need to ask him to complete my interview.

He gave me really good answers that helped me in my research such as a new software that is used for robots that I was looking for and could not find so thanks to him I found the missing piece to my research. We also had a few laughs a long the way. At first I was really nervous because I thought he would be very angry and grumpy but he really was not and was very nice. I did not expect him to give good answers because he hesitated when I asked could you answer questions about robotics.

These are the questions I asked Alex:

  1. What is the first thing you would teach someone about robots?
  2. What kind of robotics do they teach at princeton?
  3. What programs are your personal favorite programs to use?
  4. Tell me about the first ever robot you ever built?
    1. How did you start?
  5. What is your favorite robot currently and why?
  6. What is one story that stands out to you about building a robot?
    1. Could be a challenging time
    2. Could be the first robot
    3. Could be a funny story
  7. What is the difference between robot coding languages?
    1. Are they all programmed the same way?
  8. How do you put the code/program into a robot?
  9. Do you think robots will alway rely on human input, or will them eventually be able to develop their own code?
  10. Have you ever heard of the code NAOqi OS?
    1. Can you explain it to me in simple terms?
  11. How do you think robotics will develop in the future?
  12. What did you do at MakerBot?
    1. did it prepare you for your time at Princeton?
  13. Between industrial robots (robots like those that put together cars) and personal robots (like a Roomba), which do you think are more important to society?
  14. What is the most important thing to know about robotics?
  15. Anytime else to add?

Overall, I expect that this interview will really help me complete my project, specifically in the areas of style, tone, and use of specialized vocabulary. Alex was able to point me towards other resources I will be able to use to research, as well as he taught me a lot of interesting things about robotics.

This the person I interviewed below.

Capstone #2- How I Chose My Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

My main inquiry question is:

What will Robots Be able to do in the Future?

I chose this as my main inquiry question because I have been wondering about this for a long time and I have been wanting to figure it out for a long time. This question really gets me thinking what will they be able to do in the future. This question has been running through my head for a long time now I can finally answer it.

My sub questions are: 

Sub Question 1: What effect will robots have in the future?

Sub Question 2: Where did the idea of robots come from?

Sub Question 3: What programs are used to make robots?

Sub Question 4: How do engineers program artificial intelligence?

Sub Question 5: What jobs will robots do in the future?

I chose this as my sub questions because they help me figure out my main question. These questions are also super interesting and fascinating and they fit with my topic really well.