February 15

♻️How does recycling work?♻️

Today our friend came into school to talk about recycling. Her name was Monica. We had to make something out of tin foil for a partner but before that we made one for our self. It was difficult because the tin foil was ripped and had bumps. We also had to fill out a packet. It is really good to disassembled things because with them disassembled we can make new thing. One way we can help the environment is reusing plastic bottles.♻️

February 14

Rube Goldberg

we started to build and we had this great idea. The idea is to use a kick a flick to get the ball to the next level so we finished building. My group loved the kick a flick. But now Ms Boyer said we can’t use it because a human is interfering with the chain reaction. I think this will be the hardest part because we now have to find a new step to get a ball up to the next level and we don’t want to repeat any steps. it is really hard to get something up hill rather than down hill because it need force. This change might effect every step after the kick a flick. this put us behind now because we have to back a stage.

February 12

Rube Goldberg

In class we got assigned project called Rube Goldberg. A Rube Goldberg is a chain reaction to accomplish a task. In may group it is me and 3 others and our task is to have a ball go into a goal. The hardest part right now is the sketch because we don’t know what it will look like and also because we are not good artist’s. we each have a part in the chain reaction that we will build. We are meeting twice a week.

January 31


In the book Breakout by Kate Messner two inmates broke out which affects Nora’s life. This affects her life because they usually don’t lock the doors but now they have to, because they don’t want the inmates to break in. They also have to have Sean follow them when they run.

January 25


In the book Breakout by Kate Messner two inmates broke out which affects Nora’s life. A new kid just moved to town when her brother is in prison, and everyone is asking her questions. Now, Lizzie’s grandmother went to jail, because the police officers think she help with the prison break when she really was just being nice.

January 11

🦈 Sharks and Whales Podcast 🐋

This was our first podcast. I mad it with Eli, Cy, and Andrew  Making the script was very challenging. Coming up with what everyone says and when they say it. Than we rehearsed a few times for our class. Than we made a lot more edits. Than it was recorded day and forgot the conclusion. So we had to recorded again. Than we got it right.


December 19

Winter vacation

Winter break is in four days. Me and my family are going to Florida we are going to the Keys and Boca West with my grandparents. In the keys, we are going to go fishing for one day, and do more. Than, when we drive to Boca West, we are stopping at an aquarium where you feed sharks and swim with fish. Than we will make our way to my grandparents to meet my cousins. In Boca West I will play a lot of golf and go swimming. On my birthday I get to go into the restaurants kitchen. I do it every year, and I cant wait!

November 16

Ben and Deborah Franklin’s Grave

Philadelphia, November 9. The 5th grade went to visit Philly in the rain. One of the groups from 5th Grade, visited Ben and Deborah Franklin’s grave. The grave was in the Christ church burial ground. The grave was made out of marble under the marble there was brick and stone. The grave was the nicest grave in this reporter’s opinion. There were a ton of pennies on the grave. The penny’s represented a famous quote by Ben Franklin. The quote is “A penny saved is a penny earned.” There were so many were so many pennies because there were so many pennies they are damaging the grave on the outside there were a few signs. One of the signs was a timeline of Ben Franklin. Another sign was facts about Ben. It was a great sight says Danny.