April 12

Stock Market #3

This week I will do both of my interviews. I will do a face to face for one and email the other. I will start my slide show after the interview. I am hoping to get all of my info from interview. I will record my interview. I will hope to go to the stock market. Next blog I will have my interview. I think I have learned more about the stock market than I thought.

April 10

Stock Market 2

Since my last post I have done a lot. This week I will do one of my interviews. I will interview my dad. I had an idea that I should also find out if the crash of the stock market affected the people. I have most of y researcher done. In a week I will start my slide show. I think I will will put my interview video in the slide show.

April 7

Stock Market #1

For my passion project I will studied the Stock Market. I will learn how to read and trade stocks I am hoping to go to the stock market. I will interview my dad and one of his workers. My questions are why is the stock market so important? Do you make a lot of money by trading stocks? Could trading stocks be your job? for my final project I will make a slide show. I chose this because my dad always wanted to teach me how to trade and read stocks. I will update my blog 3-4 times a week. According to List of stock exchanges, the largest 20 by capital traded about 6,631 billion shares in January of 2015, or 315 Billion shares per trading day. Here is one resource that I used    http://themint.org/kids/what-is-the-stock-market.html


March 29


In the book Refugee by Alan Gratz the chapters are alternating characters. I think they are doing this because the author might wants the reader go in “the same part of the war” even though they are not in the same year. The effect of the reader is they are like in the same part of the story.

March 28


In the book Refugee by Alan Gratz the 3 characters Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud have to leave there country. Josef has to leave Germany because of the nazi. They are leaving the country because they are not aloud to practice there religion any more. Isabel is leaving Cuba because of the mean dictator. They are leaving because of the government. Mahmoud is leaving Syria because in Syria there is a civil war going on. they are leaving because of the government and war. These reasons are are alike in different ways one way is they are all leaving there country. They are different because on is about religion, and government.

March 8


In the book crash, Crash is a bully to Webb. He thinks everyone is like him and thinks the world revolves around him. He gets so mad when Webb does not shoot back.

March 6

Rube Goldberg #3

We found out what our’s will look like with out the kick a flick. It will look the same but we moved around a few steps. we tried to do it and on one try it was an inch away. We got so made because we wanted to get it. after that we kept trying and I finally worked. we got really exited. we got it in slow-mo and regular. We recorded a few things for our video.

March 3

Rube Goldberg #5

This week we will meet for the last time to finish the video. We have to add transitions and music. I think this project was really fun and really hard at time. Our final design is our third one. The first was a golfing thing, the 2 one was with the kick a flick and the tried was with no kick a flick. The hardest part was the when we had to re-design. My group worked really well together.

March 3

Rube Goldberg #4

Now we met at Max’s to do the video. Here is the lay out, first we introduce our self’s, then we do a tutorial, then we show bloopers, then we show it working in slow-mo and regular and then we say thanks for watching. We ran into a problem because we forgot to name the videos so it just said random numbers.