February 15

♻️How does recycling work?♻️

Today our friend came into school to talk about recycling. Her name was Monica. We had to make something out of tin foil for a partner but before that we made one for our self. It was difficult because the tin foil was ripped and had bumps. We also had to fill out a packet. It is really good to disassembled things because with them disassembled we can make new thing. One way we can help the environment is reusing plastic bottles.♻️

February 14

Rube Goldberg #2

We started to build and we had this great idea. The idea is to use a kick a flick to get the ball to the next level so we finished building. My group loved the kick a flick. But now Ms Boyer said we can’t use it because a human is interfering with the chain reaction. I think this will be the hardest part because we now have to find a new step to get a ball up to the next level and we don’t want to repeat any steps. it is really hard to get something up hill rather than down hill because it need force. This change might effect every step after the kick a flick. this put us behind now because we have to back a stage.

February 12

Rube Goldberg #1

In class we got assigned project called Rube Goldberg. A Rube Goldberg is a chain reaction to accomplish a task. In may group it is me and 3 others and our task is to have a ball go into a goal. The hardest part right now is the sketch because we don’t know what it will look like and also because we are not good artist’s. we each have a part in the chain reaction that we will build. We are meeting twice a week.