May 8

capstone #1,2

For capstone I choose to study sports broadcasting. I choose this topic because I always wondered what it would be like to be a broadcaster. It was a little hard to choose my topic because at first I wanted to do baseball gloves I never thought about broadcasting but now I did not like baseball gloves as much as I did so I thought about sports broadcasting. We have to come up with five sub questions about the topic and a main question. This was hard for me because I wanted to learn so much a bout sports broad casting but I had to choose one main idea. The main question I choose What techniques do sport broadcasters use to make games more interesting. My  sub questions are:

Do sport broadcasters practice what they say and how?

Is broadcasting different if you are in the booth or on the field?

How are the techniques of each broadcaster different?

Do broadcasters always broadcast the same sport and why?

What do you have to study are there college courses to be a broadcaster?

I will be reading books and websites and watching  videos and interviews. I will do my research by reading books and websites and watching videos and conducting interviews.


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