June 3

Science #2

In our Science groups today we mixed 4 different thing, they were  colored Sugar with all of these, Vinegar, oil, and water. First we had to color the sugar, we did this by taking food color and put two drops into the sugar. then we got all of the liquid. Our solvent was all of the liquid and the solute is the sugar. I wonder if you have liquid and a solid is the solid always the solute and the liquid is always the solvent.

My hypothesis for the sugar with oil was “If we mix oil and  colored sugar then the colored sugar will dissolve quickly because the oil is very dense. I think the oil will turn darker.” To find the results we had to mix it 20 times. We realized all of the  colored sugar sank to the bottom.

Then we mixed colored sugar and water. My hypothesis was if we mix water and sugar then the sugar will dissolve. It will dissolve slowly because the water is not dense. The water will change color.” The results were the sugar dissolved and the color of the water changed.  my hypothesis was correct.

Then we mixed colored sugar with the vinegar.  My hypothesis was “If we mix sugar and and vinegar then the sugar will stay at the top and change color.” The results were most of the sugar dissolved but it colored the water. So my hypothesis was partly correct.

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