June 6

Capstone #5

During the capstone process I learned so much. There are a lot of techniques in interviewing in sports broadcasting and other topics. One technique is to ask follow up questions. Follow up questions are good because they help understand the topic of each question more. To  most people asking follow up questions is very easy but in reality sports broadcasting is very hard.

Sports broadcasters have to practice a lot during the main and off season to remember peoples’ names and stats. In the off season, sports broadcasters need to read a lot of articles and learn about teams and players in order to always have something to speak about during games.

When writing a script, broadcasters don’t want to state fact after fact, they want to make a story. Sports broadcasters should have good transitions between what is happening in the game and what outside information they have learned. In writing a script you don’t want to use pronouns.

In researching as a sports broadcaster, you need to site your sources because if you write or say something and someone does not believe that it is true a sports broadcaster can give them the source you got it from. sports broadcasters also need to site your sources so you know were you got the information and you can go back and learn more. Sports broadcasters site there sources to give credit to the writer.



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