June 3

Science #2

In our Science groups today we mixed 4 different thing, they were  colored Sugar with all of these, Vinegar, oil, and water. First we had to color the sugar, we did this by taking food color and put two drops into the sugar. then we got all of the liquid. Our solvent was all of the liquid and the solute is the sugar. I wonder if you have liquid and a solid is the solid always the solute and the liquid is always the solvent.

My hypothesis for the sugar with oil was “If we mix oil and  colored sugar then the colored sugar will dissolve quickly because the oil is very dense. I think the oil will turn darker.” To find the results we had to mix it 20 times. We realized all of the  colored sugar sank to the bottom.

Then we mixed colored sugar and water. My hypothesis was if we mix water and sugar then the sugar will dissolve. It will dissolve slowly because the water is not dense. The water will change color.” The results were the sugar dissolved and the color of the water changed.  my hypothesis was correct.

Then we mixed colored sugar with the vinegar.  My hypothesis was “If we mix sugar and and vinegar then the sugar will stay at the top and change color.” The results were most of the sugar dissolved but it colored the water. So my hypothesis was partly correct.

March 3

Rube Goldberg #5

This week we will meet for the last time to finish the video. We have to add transitions and music. I think this project was really fun and really hard at time. Our final design is our third one. The first was a golfing thing, the 2 one was with the kick a flick and the tried was with no kick a flick. The hardest part was the when we had to re-design. My group worked really well together.

March 3

Rube Goldberg #4

Now we met at Max’s to do the video. Here is the lay out, first we introduce our self’s, then we do a tutorial, then we show bloopers, then we show it working in slow-mo and regular and then we say thanks for watching. We ran into a problem because we forgot to name the videos so it just said random numbers.

February 15

♻️How does recycling work?♻️

Today our friend came into school to talk about recycling. Her name was Monica. We had to make something out of tin foil for a partner but before that we made one for our self. It was difficult because the tin foil was ripped and had bumps. We also had to fill out a packet. It is really good to disassembled things because with them disassembled we can make new thing. One way we can help the environment is reusing plastic bottles.♻️

February 14

Rube Goldberg #2

We started to build and we had this great idea. The idea is to use a kick a flick to get the ball to the next level so we finished building. My group loved the kick a flick. But now Ms Boyer said we can’t use it because a human is interfering with the chain reaction. I think this will be the hardest part because we now have to find a new step to get a ball up to the next level and we don’t want to repeat any steps. it is really hard to get something up hill rather than down hill because it need force. This change might effect every step after the kick a flick. this put us behind now because we have to back a stage.

February 12

Rube Goldberg #1

In class we got assigned project called Rube Goldberg. A Rube Goldberg is a chain reaction to accomplish a task. In may group it is me and 3 others and our task is to have a ball go into a goal. The hardest part right now is the sketch because we don’t know what it will look like and also because we are not good artist’s. we each have a part in the chain reaction that we will build. We are meeting twice a week.

May 12

My Plant Observation



Control observation

Manipulated Observation

I planted in baking soda.

5/8 Today I see a lot of green leaves and another plant that is emerging. Today we see nothing. I do not think it is going to grow.


5/26 A pod is 1 in tall that is really tall. It died.


6/2 My leaves are turning pink and they are dried out.



We took it off the water source.