May 22

Capstone #3

For my first interview I will be talking to Tracy Wolfson. Tracy Wolfson is a sideline reporter for CBS, a TV network. For second interview I will be talking to Zach Klein. Zach Klein is a reporter for WSB, a TV network in Atlanta. I was able to get in touch with Tracy and Zach because my mom is friends with both of them. I will conduct the interview over the phone. I am hoping Tracy and Zach will be able to answer the first six questions because they are my sub questions.

In the interview with Tracy she answered all my questions plus some follow up question. What stood out to me the most was when Tracy said she does not really practice and learns a lot by doing it more. I also learned you never want to back anything down. They could ask you to broadcast a sport that you never watched but you still want to do it.

In the interview with Zach he answered all of my questions plus some follow up questions. I learned that you need to have good relationships with players, coaches, agents, and the office of the team. You need to have these relationships so that you can have better interviews with the team about the game and life. I also learned in the studio you have lots of graphics and thing to stand in front of but on the field you only have the real field and players.

Both interviews went very smooth and I learned so much. I think that they both helped me a lot because most books or websites, etc could not tell me about personal story or what they do.

March 28


In the book Refugee by Alan Gratz the 3 characters Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud have to leave there country. Josef has to leave Germany because of the nazi. They are leaving the country because they are not aloud to practice there religion any more. Isabel is leaving Cuba because of the mean dictator. They are leaving because of the government. Mahmoud is leaving Syria because in Syria there is a civil war going on. they are leaving because of the government and war. These reasons are are alike in different ways one way is they are all leaving there country. They are different because on is about religion, and government.

November 16

Ben and Deborah Franklin’s Grave

Philadelphia, November 9. The 5th grade went to visit Philly in the rain. One of the groups from 5th Grade, visited Ben and Deborah Franklin’s grave. The grave was in the Christ church burial ground. The grave was made out of marble under the marble there was brick and stone. The grave was the nicest grave in this reporter’s opinion. There were a ton of pennies on the grave. The penny’s represented a famous quote by Ben Franklin. The quote is “A penny saved is a penny earned.” There were so many were so many pennies because there were so many pennies they are damaging the grave on the outside there were a few signs. One of the signs was a timeline of Ben Franklin. Another sign was facts about Ben. It was a great sight says Danny.

February 6

Passion Project Reflection 1

I chose this idea “recycling,composting and trash in my school” because I am really passionate about this topic. So I thought that I can help out with it in my school with compost and recycling. We had to try to narrow down our topic. I thought that mine was narrowed down already. We had to develop questions that was very hard for me because my topic was mostly about the compost and recycling my school and I need to learn about the school. So I could not do research on it. But I found out  a way to do it. This is what I did, I went online and searched up about what composting does how they make it and why it is good for the earth. Than for recycling I did the same thing but I know that recycling helps the earth but at the same time pollutes the earth. So I looked up why it is still good to recycle if it pollutes the earth. I found out that it is still good because you are still reusing things. Than I did trash but for trash I did why it is so bad to pollute the earth and I found out that it lets out somany bad gases. Did you know that if everyone composted and recycled the planet would be so much better. So I realized that it was not that hard to do research because I did not have to do it on our school I could have done it on other schools. I learned that never think that something is hard because if you do it will be hard. I also realized that this is my favorite topic.