November 3

Tech #10

Overall had a grate time in a tech and learned so much. My favorite project because we got to use every tool. It  it was so much fun using and learning how to use all of the tools.  The tools we used were a  jigsaw, drill press, handsaw, glue gun, and a soldering iron. I think tech was so much fun because we got to build and do other hands on activities. I will miss tech a lot and had a great time.

October 30

tech #9

I was just soldering this part was the hardest for me This part was hard because at first it did not work so I had to de-solder the wires. Then the led light broke so I had to do it all over. When it finally worked I was so happy. Then I had to cut the pipes this part was very fun. Then I had to drill my holes. These parts were easy and lots of fun. Now I started styling.

October 28

Tech #8

We have made our final diagram for the flashlight. This part was very hard because we had to use T square and triangles. The is had to shown to scale witch made it hard. First you have Tom mount it to your drawing board so it stays still and then make your scale. Then I foun d out how long the pipes and wires are.

October 17

Tech #7

Now we are building water proof flash lights for people stuck in a mountain that is flooded. We have a led light, switch , and lots of pvc pipes. We have to make the flash light water proof. I think that this will be very fun but hard to make. I think my flash light will be very good.

October 17

Tech #6

In class we have learned to make bread boards. Bread boards are really easy when you understand it. A bread board is used to put light on one secret. We had to make a bread board with 3 light and one battery. Then when we played the game we hooked our switches to the bread board. The game was lots of fun but very hard.

October 4

Tech #5

So now I am making my switches for my car. My first switch I had to cut out to pieces of cardboard and glue them together. The way all of the switches work is 2 pieces of tinfoil has to touch. My second switch is a straw with tinfoil. You have to push the straw though a hole to touch the other tinfoil. My last switch is a popsicle stick that spins and at a certain point it touches other tinfoil. The tools I used were a jigsaw, hot glue gun, masking tape and tinfoil. The hardest to make was the last one.

October 4

Tech #4

Now we are done making  and cutting out the wires for our pendent. We all got a piece of double sided tape to put on our piece of paper. with the double sided tape we will put our wires down. Then when I sorted I put way to much. So I had too take some off. Then when I took it of of the tape it was not connected so I had to re-do it. The whole process of soldering was really fun.

September 18

Tech #2

In Tech there are lots of quotes around the room. My favorite one is “I have not failed 10,000 times, I have just found ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison. I think this is very interesting because that makes failing a way to learn because you found ways that did not work. I leaned that Thomas Edison had lots of great quotes. I really enjoy reading all of the quotes around the room.

September 17

Tech #3

Today we used Vectornator to design our jewelry. At first when we started to use Vectornator it was very hard but it has became a lot of easier. The cool thing about Vectornator is that you can make so many designs on just on thing. You can make them invisible and work on a new one. I think this app is very fun to use and so helpful. I cant wait until we make and sober them.

September 10

Tech Post #1

In 6th grade my first quarterly is Tech. I am very excited to have this class because I love to do hands on activities. So far we have learned about safety. It was very interesting to learn about the ways we could stay safe.. He sort of told us all the ways we could die. He told us how some guy got a power drill stuck in his hair.