May 22

Capstone #3

For my first interview I will be talking to Tracy Wolfson. Tracy Wolfson is a sideline reporter for CBS, a TV network. For second interview I will be talking to Zach Klein. Zach Klein is a reporter for WSB, a TV network in Atlanta. I was able to get in touch with Tracy and Zach because my mom is friends with both of them. I will conduct the interview over the phone. I am hoping Tracy and Zach will be able to answer the first six questions because they are my sub questions.

In the interview with Tracy she answered all my questions plus some follow up question. What stood out to me the most was when Tracy said she does not really practice and learns a lot by doing it more. I also learned you never want to back anything down. They could ask you to broadcast a sport that you never watched but you still want to do it.

In the interview with Zach he answered all of my questions plus some follow up questions. I learned that you need to have good relationships with players, coaches, agents, and the office of the team. You need to have these relationships so that you can have better interviews with the team about the game and life. I also learned in the studio you have lots of graphics and thing to stand in front of but on the field you only have the real field and players.

Both interviews went very smooth and I learned so much. I think that they both helped me a lot because most books or websites, etc could not tell me about personal story or what they do.