How Deep is the Ocean?

It’s safe to say the ocean is pretty deep. But how deep is it? Watch the video below. It will stretch your thinking on how deep… Deep really is.

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37 thoughts on “How Deep is the Ocean?

  1. do you think that there is any radiation at the bottom of the ocean? If so, do you think there might be any mutated species?

  2. The video made me want to explore the dark ocean. I want to know more of the deep-sea animals in the ocean and I want to see the titanic and touch the ocean floor.

  3. I wonder what creatures lie beyond our knowing.. I also wonder about the giant squids.. and what it was like being over 37(k) thousand feet down.. And what was the trip up like.. how long did it take? all these questions immediately drifted into my head. I’d imagine myself going to the depths of the ocean and how it would feel.. I wonder who created the machines that took people down there.

  4. how did the people in the submarine make it so far with out dying? from watching this video I now want to watch youtube. Also this video is really cool!

  5. I really wish that I could go down to the bottom of the ocean. I found a really good name for the deepest place in the ocean… THE ABYSS. It is also a roller coaster. πŸ™‚ 😜😁

  6. I think that the ocean is very very deep. I wonder if anyone can reach the really bottom of the ocean? What if there are really interesting creatures that can talk?

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