Studying Edgewood Learning Spaces

Hello High School buddies! We were just thinking about what you might want to know about what we’re doing back here at Edgewood School. We started looking at the problems and the ways we can fix them. We’re going to be making prototypes just like you. Maybe we can share ideas on how to make the models, like in how to design them. We drew pictures of ways to solve the problem. Here is the link to a folder with these pictures. Hope it will give you some ideas on your prototypes. We’re eager to hear back from you!

From your 5th Grade Buddies in Mr. Gluck’s Class

4 thoughts on “Studying Edgewood Learning Spaces

  1. Team Normal Names- Jake, Joao, Megan

    We agree that the space is too crowded and busy which makes it hard to find your lunches in a reasonable amount of time. Could we find out the dimensions of the walls next to the office and the electrical room by any chance? Also, do you have any ideas about where else we can place the music stands. Thanks!

  2. Hi Super Penguins,
    We love your ideas so far. We really likes the labeling of where the lost items could be stored and we think that this a cool solution to helping people find where their items are. We were wondering if the labels be colorful to catch people’s attention? We wonder if having too many enclosed cubbies would take too long to look through? Maybe you guys can the long open shelves with the small cubbies to make a mix of open and closed cubbies! We also like the spinning trinket storage that you guys made! Good job with your first designs!
    From your High School Buddies

  3. Room 15, Four Edge
    We liked the idea of adding to the existing support for the shelves. Though new storage spaces would help, what are ways that you would alter the existing storage space to hold materials in a more efficient manner?
    The idea of reinforcing the bottom of the shelf is a solution, but a temporary one. With newly added objects to the shelves, the thicker bottom would eventually end up bending as well. Keeping the boxes stacked could still lead to the boxes falling on the students and/or teacher. How would we prevent this?

    What is the umbrella pocket for and the drawing to its right that resembles a stomach/door handle?

  4. To the kids in the Oarsman,

    We have three questions about your drawing.

    1. Can we get the measurements for the amount of space we have to work with.
    2. How big are the cabinets underneath the stairs? Can you measure them?
    3. Is there a safe way to retrieve the lost items on the shelves that are higher off the ground?

    Thanks guys.

    From, Ben, Liz, and Narain

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