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Problem Statement: Students, specifically 4th and 5th graders, need a better storage system outside the gyms that allows them to store and get their lunches in an organized and efficient scheme.



  1. Joao: Our first prototype is a cubby that has a divider in the middle to make it more organized. This allows for two different lunch bags to be placed in the same cubby and then the cubbies could be placed on top of a table and be stacked on top of another. Or these cubbies can be directly attached to the wall using methods such as velcro. This gives different variations to the same cubby, and it can even be a combination of methods for placing the cubbies in an organized and efficient way for the students’ lunches.
  2. Jake: Our second prototype is another rendition of the cubby but a bit smaller and comes with a reward system. If you can successfully place your lunch in the right cubby, you will get stars which can be traded in for a prize at the teacher’s discretion. This way the students will be motivated to not lose their lunch and will be careful when putting it in the cubby.
  3. Megan: Our third prototype is a cubby system that ideally would be hung on the wall or put on wheels for easy movability. This prototype has an area for the student’s lunch bags and hooks for more bags or jackets.  This system would be numbered or colored to each class in order to be more organize and create a faster transition from lunch to recess and vise versa. This system allows students to have a safe and convenient place to put their lunch during recess and allows them to receive them in a non chaotic way.



  • Together we decided that for the space, the most useful form of storage would be in the form of movable cubbies that would be able to be placed up against the wall, to allow for the most amount of room in the hallway (to relieve some of the chaos during lunch/recess time).
  • Do you feel that these products that we have prototyped solve the problems that are faced with the lunch boxes during the lunch to recess transition?
  • Are their aspects of any one prototype that you liked?
    • Is there a part you would like to change?
  • How effective do you think a color coding or numbered system would be in helping organization and security regarding lunch boxes and belongings during the lunch to recess transition?
  • How many students are in each class? How many different classes use the space (hallway outside the gyms) at a given time?


Videos of Prototypes:



9 thoughts on “Team Normal Names

  1. Hello, guys. I think we should do a private lunch box cubbies. Because it gets confused for people who forgets lots of times.

    • NO!!! Kazuki We can Not use lockers they take up even more space. Remember last year how many lockers there were? That was just us now it is the 4th and 5th grade.
      Hello savings. Plus some lunch boxes are huge.
      Don’t Even Think About It!

      • We can use the room that we are not using right now, for example, the computer lab. So, also if we have name tags, it won’t get confuse.And if you have a same name as somebody else, we can do the finger print things like the iPhone.

  2. Hi peeps,
    Just so you know we do not bring phones to lunch because we are not allowed.
    I think that we should totally not do the Star System ( No offense ) because are we going to put a GPS tracker on every 4th and 5th grade lunch box. Also how in the world will every student get a number for a cubby. In 5th grade alone there are 82 students.

  3. Hey guys,

    I agree that lockers can be a bit expensive and can take up a lot of room. I think the cubbies could work if executed well because they don’t take up a lot of room. Let me know what you think.


  4. Hey guys,

    So are we sure that we would be able to fit 82 lockers in that hallway? We feel that lockers would be too big to fit too many of them in the area we have, so what are your thoughts on numbered cubbies that could be stacked on top of one another? In addition, we wouldn’t be able to use the computer room to solve this solution so we should focus strictly on the hallway. Would you guys be able to find the dimensions of that wall for us please?

    – Joao, Jake, and Megan

  5. Response:
    We think that having 82 lockers may take up too much space in the hallway outside the gyms. We were thinking of having a wall of cubbies, perhaps with hooks and a place for their lunch boxes. The cubbies would even be able to stack on top of one another in order to maximize the limited space we have. Depending on how many kids have lunch/recess at a given time, we will hopefully have enough space for each kid in each class to have their own cubby. In order to keep it organized we would hopefully create a color coded system. Anyway, you guys know the school better than we do so we would love to hear any ideas you have. There are no bad ideas and remember to listen to one another.

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