Kindergarten Common Space

1. Kindergarteners need a better way to organize their headphones which is more sanitary and more accessible.


Reza Merchant: In the first prototype, I created a cabinet with an Ultraviolet Light at the top in order to disinfect the headphones. Additionally, I created racks going from wall to wall of the cabinet to store the headphones. There were also slots in the bottom of the box for the wires to hang out. The cabinet could potentially be on wheels at an adjustable height.

Justin Blieden: In the second prototype, I created an enclosed shelf to attach to the wall. The top is closed off with a Uv light hanging from it. The UV light will destroy the bacteria and keep the headphones clean. 2 headphones rack emerge from the sides which serve as the place where the headphones will rest. In order to organize the wires I made holes in the bottom of the shelf where the wires will hang and remain un tangled.

Ward Bandsma: In the third prototype, I created a cart with an ultraviolet light at the top. The ultraviolet light will shine down on the headphones and kill any bacteria that managed to latch on. The headphones will be hung on racks around the cart, and the wires will hang down to the ground. I could potentially add another rack under the headphone rack with holes in it to seperate the wires from the headphones.


  1. Which of the prototypes is your favorite and why?
  2. Did you like the idea of a movable cart or a cabinet on the wall?
  3. Which parts of each prototype do you like?
  4. Do you think that the hanging wires are a good idea? Why or why not?
  5. What are some things we can add or change on our prototypes to make them better?
  6. Would you rather have the headphones hung in racks in the open or in a box


  1. Would a kindergarten teacher be comfortable with a UV light in their room?
  2. How big should we make our product to fit all the headphones?


Response to our group


  • The problem statement addresses a solution in the wording, by stating that you must use a rack. You are limiting your creative capacity by this. We can think BIGGER and even BETTER. 😉
  • I like the mobility and the wheels
  • I like the cubby system, however they might take up a lot of space
  • I like the structure of the cart
  • You should consider what to do with the wires attached to the headphones
  • The fact they are near the sink could prove to be challenging
  • We should address cleaning them as well

8 thoughts on “Kindergarten Common Space

  1. I think it was a really good idea but, remember the are only in kindergarten and can tear the wires out, and what about the water proof idea.😎

  2. I think all the prototypes are very good.👍 Here are my answers to the questions you asked: I prefer the idea of a movable cart because if there was a cabinet, there will still be a 0.00001 chance it can fall and hurt a someone. I like the idea of an UV light to keep the headphones disinfected. The rack should be shorter because people in kindergarten are short (no offence). The wires should be up high because kindergarteners can tear the wires. The size of the cart/rack should probably be able to fit at least 25 headphones.

    Good luck on the prototypes!!😁😁

    • You guys have some good ideas. Can You please clarify what you meant by the wires being higher while the cart is lower. Additionally, how could the kindergartners tear the wires? Keep Working we are going to make this prototype the best it can possibly be.

      Just so you know, our responses to your prototypes are at the bottom of our blog post if you did not have a chance to see it.
      Justin, Ward, and Reza

  3. I like Justin’s prototype. I was not clamped and there where holes that each wire would go through instead of hanging.
    I like it if the headphones were movable and were adjustable so the kindergartners are able to reach there headphones.
    I like the lights to get rid of the bacteria. But we don’t need the lights that bright that they distract the kindergartners.
    The hanging wires is a good idea it’s not the best though. If they are hanging they could still clumped and get tangled. If they were wrapped up and and placed in to a place. I liked the old one maybe if you guys could do something like that except refurbished with something like Justin’s it could look good and keep the headphones safe and clean.

    Keep up with the good work. 🙂 🙂

    • Which old prototype are you referring to? Also, would you prefer to have the wires wrapped up or hanging and separated by holes. What do you mean you were not clamped? Finally, how would we make the headphone rack adjustable?

      Ward, Justin, and Reza

  4. We like the cart idea, we have decided we are going to make a prototype with racks inside of it. We’ll definitely use wheels so that there is an increased accessibility like you had said. We also plan to continue to include the Ultra Violet light so as to verify the sanitation of the headphones. We will also have the wires stretched out behind the headphones so that there is less tangling.

    Thanks, we’ll let you know how it goes and are excited for your input.

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