Lost and Found- Narain, Liz, Ben

Problem Statement:

How can we make the Lost and Found a more appealing and efficient space for all users.



  • Briefly explain the different prototypes you made:


    1. The first prototype divides the clothing, shirts and pants, as well as the different items, such as jewelry, water bottles, and schools supplies. The boxes divided the foldable clothes while the hooks allow the jackets and coats to hang. This space is colorful and appealing to users. It draws attention with its bright colors and large LOST AND FOUND sign.
    2. The next prototype is similar to the previous one, except that it focuses more on dividing items rather than clothing. It is closer to the ground and consists of different slots to hold the lost items so they aren’t lying around in a pile on the floor. There are also small labels above each slot to sort the items into their own categories.
    3. Another prototype was a foldable wall that opens to make the space larger and more efficient. It has raised edges and a large recessed area for hanging coats, jackets, sweatshirts, or other items. The idea is to extend the available wall space while taking up as little physical space as possible. Having more area to store hanging items should improve the organization and overall appeal of the area.



  • Ask for feedback through specific questions. If you all prototyped versions of the same idea, ask them which features they liked-get them to compare and contrast.


    1. Do you think that the space is efficient? Do the boxes properly organize and divide the clothing?
    2. Would you like for the clothing to be divided by gender, color, size?
    3. Would you like to extend the size of the space or incorporate the wall to a larger extent?
    4. What other aspects could we add to the space to make it more decorative and appealing?
    5. Do you think there are better solutions to deal with hanging items? Are hooks the best device to use?
    6. What is an ideal height for the slots/dividers? Do you prefer the dividers closer to the ground?
    7. How large can we make the dividers? What is the biggest we can make the slots without taking up too much space?
    8. Do you like the idea of slots or should there be another way to sort the clothes?

Explanation Videos:

Video 1- Liz: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6q_nAB0q3chNDNLcDBQM0lRSXpFaU44Y2JTanJ6b2RYQVUw

Video 2- Ben: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6q_nAB0q3chWXQxUDBvRjBTb0c3UEdRem4ydkdkU0ZmYkk4

Video 3- Narain: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6q_nAB0q3chZzU2aXVFQ1F6SlFwQnMtT0c3TktzRHpPZmNF

7 thoughts on “Lost and Found- Narain, Liz, Ben

  1. To the kids in the Oarsman,

    We have three questions about your drawing.

    1. Can we get the measurements for the amount of space we have to work with.
    2. How big are the cabinets be underneath the stairs?
    3. Is there a safe way to retrieve the lost items on the shelves that are higher off the ground?

    Thanks guys.

    From, Ben, Liz, and Narain

    • We came up with a new idea! Rather than having a “Folding Wall,” we decided to take our dividing boxes to a new level. Our ideas have expanded and we are excied to say that our design is now mobile! It has wheels, meaning it can travel from one classroom to the next.
      There will be boxes dividing the sweatshirts, lunchboxes, water bottles and school supplies. Above these boxes, there will be a wall that holds the jackets and coats. This design will have bright colors, and will travel around the school to pick up or drop off items. There could be multiple “Traveling Lost and Founds.” Maybe one for each floor!

      Please let us know what your thoughts are. We are interested in hearing your ideas and insight on this design.
      Liz, Jake, Narain

  2. Hello, we think that the prototypes were awesome😀. We all think that it would be a good idea to sort of smash Liz’s and Narain’s prototypes together so we can have a really large space to store all of the items, and we could use Liz’s organization system.
    We can have a really big place to put lost items and all of the items will be organised. Then we can find our belongings quickly and easily.
    From Daniel, Elin and Esha

  3. Hi guys,
    A) No! The Lost and found that we have now is not efficient, if you think it is we have two different meanings for “EFFICIENT”. The prototypes you guys made was very good and very efficient.

    B) We think that we should sort the lost things in color and most definitely not gender and size.

    C) No. We don’t want to make the space longer because then it will block the stairs and fire exit. Instead we want to incorporate Norains idea of a folding wall like Daniel said in the intro.

    D) We could maybe add some popping colors. Also maybe a disco ball:):):):):):). We will get back to you with the other questions next time because we have no time now

  4. Hey guys! We really liked the feedback you gave us. We agree that color should be the characteristic in which we categorize. We also believe that Narain’s “Folding Wall” idea should definitely be incorporated into our design. Rather than just a wall, we decided that a cabinet would be more efficient in order to allow more space for the coats and jackets that are hung on the wall. The depth of the cabinets would be similar to the depth of the dividing boxes on the ground. The dividing boxes will organize the lost items by pants, shirts, and objects into three large boxes. With this design, we can make space for the hanging jackets as well as the clothing items and objects. Colors are a HUGE priority for us as well. What colors are you thinking? Do you like the idea about the “Folding Wall” being more of a cabinet with depth? Do you like how the dividing boxes are the same depth as the cabinets?
    We have a few questions that your teacher may be able to help with: Who supervises the lost and found? Who makes the final decision in terms of integrating our ideas? We also need to know certain measurements- the attached image will specify which measurements we need.

    Thanks guys!! Narain, Liz, Ben

  5. Hey guys,

    It’s us, we have a few questions( actually A LOT 😀 )…

    What or who will move it?
    What will happen when the cart gets full?
    What happens if the cart falls down the stairs?
    What if somebody accidentally walks into it?
    What if things fall off the cart?
    If the cart is powered with batteries what will happen if they run out of power?
    What if the cart runs into a wall?
    How will we clean it?
    If it is not powered by batteries what will power it?
    How will we manufacture them?
    Where will we get the right materials?
    What will it be built with?
    How big will it be?
    How many items can it hold?
    How will we find the cart in the building? Will there be a tracker?

    Happy Holidays,

    Esha, Daniel, and Elin

  6. Hi ,

    It’s us we were just wondering about the more realistic prototype could you maybe send us a picture. Btw have you guys figured out what the actual cart will be made of?

    All the best,
    Daniel, Esha and Elin

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