Four Edge Blog Entries

Four Edge Blog Entries


  • State your problem statement.


        1. Mr. Gluck and his students need to find a way to organize the storage in the classroom in a way that makes a more productive learning environment.
        2. New Proposed Statement: Mr. Gluck and his students need to find a way to organize the boxes in a way that makes obtaining materials more efficient.
          1. When we went back to design for the original problem statement, it was difficult because of the magnitude of the organizing needed in the room.


  • Specific Prototype Information per person.


        1. Damian’s Prototype:  Hanging Box, it would greatly reduce clutter around the walls and save a lot of space at the level the students are interacting.  Boxes would be hanging from the ceiling, so it would keep the storage material out of the hands of the students and would be safely secured.  
        2. Brendan’s Prototype: The boxes along the wall will be accessible from the front of each box. Each box will have a drop-down door from the front. There will be a ladder that slides from one side of the stack to the other. In front of the pile will be a garage-door like sheet that can go up only when the materials need to be accessed. At the bottom, there will be a lock on the door, so only Mr. Gluck with the key can determine when it opens and closes.


  • George’s Prototype: The items from the boxes along the wall will be moved into storage compartments underneath the chairs. The chairs will essentially be boxes with a backrest, and they will utilize a lot of unused space. A larger version would do something similar with the tables by transfering many of the items next to the wall of boxes to the underside of the tables.


        1. Michelle’s Prototype: It consists of an organized wall of boxes, with each individual drawer being able to slide in and out for easier access,  especially for the boxes on the bottom. There is also a curtain that covers the drawers when they’re not being in use that is able to slide up and down to make the room feel less occupied and comfortable for the students.


  • Questions:


      1. Is obtaining materials what we should focus on?
      2. What materials are necessary to be stored in the room?
        1. What quantity of stuff needs to be stored?
      3. How heavy would the heaviest box be?
        1. Are there materials that would be better stored in a non-box shaped container?
      4. Would it be possible to hang something from the ceiling?   How could it be done? Is there a maximum weight the ceiling could support?
      5. What elements or things do you like about our designs? Why? What parts could be improved and why?
      6. Would it be possible to alter the walls(drill/glue)? Or would we have to make more temporary solutions?
      7. What’s the width and height of the space that the boxes take up currently?






11 thoughts on “Four Edge Blog Entries

  1. i. No, I think we should focus on knowing how we will solve the problem and what we need to do it.
    ii. Stationary, and notebooks are mainly important but I think visual learning is also vital to a students learning en
    iii. I questioned Mr Gluck about this and he said the heaviest box weighs about 50 pounds.
    Iv. I personally don’t think it would be a good idea to hang something from the ceiling as there would be a safety risk and I generally wouldn’t feel comfortable with a giant box towering over me.
    v. I think Georges wasn’t so precised because it wound’t be easy for Mr Gluck to access all the necessary items.
    vi. it may be possible to slightly alter the walls to add more support.
    vii. Each boxes height is about 13 inches and each boxes width is around 19 inches.

    Sincerely, ~Amber & Effie ~.

    • To Hugo, Amber, and Effie:
      What does visual learning have to do with storage?
      What’s the third dimension of the box?
      What do you mean by “slightly alter the walls”? To what extent?

      • We heard from you guys that the way that the classroom is at the moment is distracting and that getting the materials from the boxes is difficult for Mr. Gluck. Our solution to a visually more appealing learning environment would be some sort of curtain/wall in front of the box structure to give the room a more organized/clean look. To make it easier to access, the individual boxes would either be able to slide out or open up without affecting the other boxes. Does this solve Mr. Gluck’s problem? Does this make the students feel more comfortable in the classroom?

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