New Meeting Room

Hey guys! We love your ideas so far and would like to work together to come up with one final design that can make the lunch line in the New Meeting run more smoothly. We have few questions for you – if you guys don’t know the answer to these questions it would be super helpful if you could ask your teachers or any other people in your school. First of all, who prints the receipts and do the teachers have access to them? Are we able to change the font and add pictures on the receipt? Will the school need to use more aids and or staff members to supervise kids during the split lunch and recess? Do we need to talk to the principal about changing this process? If so, would it be possible for you guys to go down to the principal’s office and talk to him about our new idea? We hope you guys are having fun with the design process, and we can’t wait to hear from you guys again soon! -Chris, Jess, Josh, and Brooke 

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