10 thoughts on “Isabel’s 13th Amendment

  1. I now understand why the thirteenth amendment is important, I also now know how unfair life was for them. My only constructive criticism was you talked a tiny bit too fast.at the beginning.

  2. Also I was a bit confused, at the beginning the text said the slaves deserved rights but they didn’t. Can you please tell me what you mean. Do they deserve rights or do they don’t??

  3. This was well done and a good job. Now the beginning in my opinion was really fast and do African American deserve equal rights. This is all just constructive criticism and it was good anyhow.

    “the boat” <- was there only one boat?

  4. Your video did not make sense in the begining, and was there only one boat? And you end the begining to quick, but overoll, it was great!

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