Spreadsheets 2

Today everyone in the class took a survey. On the survey there were different questions about some of our favorite things and other facts about us. Down below is a pie graph. On the pie graph it shows the class’s favorite pizza places. I think that its really interesting that over fifty percent of people picked Italian village. I think that was because that pizzeria is in a very popular area and there pizza is overall good. I also noticed that a very small amount of people picked a Slice of Scarsdale as there favorite pizza place. Less then 7% of people who took the survey picked that. I think that this is because that pizza place isn’t known to a lot of people. Around 20% of people picked Scarsdale pizza station and Amore. These pizza places are very popular. They have also been around for a long time and people have been going there since they were young. Overall I think that the pizzerias in more popular places (the golden hour shoe, pizza station, etc) got more votes because it was known to more people.


Tech #10

I an sad to say but this is my last tech blog post :C.  This is then last weeks of the quarter and for my last blog post I want to say my favorite projects we had. I will say my top 5 favorite projects! Coming in 5th place we have the second circuit we made. It was fun but very hard. Coming in 4th place we have the truss! It was very fun to make and I like making Flipgrid videos. Coming in number 3 we have the cam! It was fun but took me a while to make. Coming in 2nd place we have the beams! I had so much fun making them and testing them! My grandma also helped me record it witch was also fun! Coming in 1st place the winner of all the tech projects is…… The cranks!!!! The crank was so much fun to make! I made it with my dad and it only took me a and hour! The crank came out so clean and worked so well! I will definitely miss doing these tech projects. Overall tech was SO MUCH FUN and I am really sad that it will be over soon…

Tech #9

We made  our final projects for tech 6…. We made cranks and I wont lie but that was probably my favorite project. I made it with my dad in 1 day! That’s a new record for me!!! The cranks were a lot easier then the cams in my opinion. It was also a lot m ore fun because it was more complicated and did more than the cam. Cranks change the direction of motion. It changes the direction from up and down to a rotating movement. The crank also looks really cool when you turn it. This crank was so much fun that I might even do crank B and C! I am sad that this was our last tech project :(. I hope that art is this much fun. Overall the crank was a super fun project and I really want to make another !

Tech #8

We made our second circuits a few weeks ago. In this circuit we didn’t try to make just one LED light up. We tried to make three light up! This circuit was a lot more complicated because more LED lights equals more wires to cut. Cutting the wires was kind of difficult for me. In the beginning I couldn’t do it and had to get help but then I cut my first wire and it got easier from there!  Placing the wires was also confusing because they had to line up with the LED light on both sides. You also had to place your resister. There were two resisters that looked extremely alike so if you used the wrong one your LED light wouldn’t light up. Then you had to connect the battery cap to the battery and you had to use a 9 bolt battery or else the LED lights wouldn’t light up. You had to connect the black wire to a side and the red wire to a side. At first my LED light wouldn’t light up and I didn’t know why. I started from the begging and it flashed on a few times and eventually it did light up….. then went off again. I’m not sure why it wou;dent light up. Maybe it was the battery but on the box it said “guarantee five years”. I liked the challenge and trying to get the light to light up again.

Tech #7

We are making cams right now! They are made out of paper which is very cool because it will work like a real camera… but it cant take a picture. I finished E last night. I think that the cams are hard but also fun. The cam is a weal and axial because the circle acts as the weal. A weal and axel is also a lever. When you turn a screw driver you can see the parts of an axel and a weal! The weal would be the part you hold and the axel is the medal pole. We are also learning about followers in cams. The follower moves up and down tracing the shape of the cam as it turns so it can move.  All of this has to do with cams because that makes up a cam.

Tech #6

We recently made catapults! It was a lot easier then I though it would be. The only things we used to make them were popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Also a Bottle cap which is the load because that’s where you would put things to launch. I don’t have a hot glue gun so I couldn’t hot glue it on. I think the purpose of this project was to learn the effort and load and how to measure it. I also wanted to paint my catapult but the paint could have stuck all the popsicle sticks together so it wouldn’t work… Anyways this project was very fun and taught me more about catapults and I will do it again but try different types of catapults!

Tech #5

Our recent project was our bread boards. In this project we had to try to make the LED light n the breads board light up. When I was building mine I also had the instructions video up so that made it a lot easier. Everything was going smoothly until the end. I kinda freaked out when I THOUGH I was missing the red wire. Turns out it was at the bottom of my bag. Then I didn’t understand how to cut it! My sister and my friend helped me and I managed to cut it. Then when I plugged everything in it didn’t light up! I took everything off and put it on again and…. NOTHING! Out of hope I tried one more time and…. IT WORKED! As soon as t up a grabbed my iPad and took a picture. This project was a little stressful at the end but I managed to get it done and finish it. Overall this project was fun when I finished and I would do it again.

Tech Blog Post #4

Recently we build electroscopes. Sir Williams also did this experiment. In this experiment we are trying me make the tin-foal inside the jar move. Now I will tell you it wasn’t easy to make the electroscope. You needed certain materials and it took me a couple of tries to get the tin- foil to move. I used a sweat-shirt to get the balloon staticky. The first time I used a piece of cloth  and the tin-foil didn’t move. The second try I used my pants and it didn’t work. The third time I used an old sweatshirt and then tin-foil moved for a few second then stopped. When the tin-foil did move I was surprised and excited. I looked back in the flip grid  and I looked closely and it did move! I was disappointed for when it stopped moving though. After the flip grid I wanted to keep using different objects to make the ti-foal move. I rubbed the balloon agents my hair and it moved for longer! Over all this project was very fun and I don’t think it would be something you do everyday so I liked the opportunity to do it. I cant wait for the next project!

Tech blog post 3

This week we made trusses. I made a cube. I made my cube out of baby carrots and toothpicks. It was a little hard to build it because sometimes the toothpicks didn’t reach both carrots so I had to se tape or squish them together. I also had to cut the toothpicks if they were to long. Most of them weren’t but a few were. After I finished building them I had to set up my flip grid. I got three books to put on the trus. Two were heavy and one was light. My goal was to get al least one heavy book on my truss. I ended up putting the light book on first and not supisingly it didn’t fall. I put one heavy book on slowly and it didn’t fall! I got so excited because I though it was going to fall. I reached for the next book but as I did downnnn went my trus! I said “No it fell!” But then realized that the fall destroyed my whole trus. Bummer I wanted to keep it for a bit. Overall this project was very fun and easy! I would definitely like to do it agian!

Tech Post 2

This week in Technology we made beams. The first one was an I beam and the second one you had to design yourself. The one I designed was kind of hard but it was VERY strong. I folded each square of cardboard into three parts then I folded it and glued it together. I repeated that and then glued those two together. That made a very strong beam and help 10 pounds! My grandma was filming and was convinced that my beam wouldn’t hold the last three pound weigh but it did! The I beam I made only held 4 pounds. It wasn’t nearly as strong as my other one. Overall this project was very fun and I’m looking forward to the next one!