Fairy Garden

My sister and I were playing inside. “I am so bored of playing tag!” I  groaned.


“Then what do you want to do?” she asked.

I thought for a minute. Then it hit me. “Let’s make a fairy garden!” I said.


“Wow that’s your first great idea ,” Jess said.


“Hey I am only five.” I said anoyed


Then we went outside. “Wow what a perfect spot.” I said amazed.There was something very unusual about the spot that was not there before.


”Wow!” Jess and I said.


It was the most beautiful thing we ever saw.There was a tree with purple flowers blooming on it and there were three blue jays singing a wonderful tune. Slowly there were petals falling down the tree and on to the soft grass.


“Let’s make it -” but before I could finish Jess was ready to start.Then me and Jess  nodded at the same time.


Then out of nowhere she dug up a hole. “Quick go and get your water bottle!” Jess yelled.


“Fine.” I said.


Then I came back and Jess grabbed the water out of my hands with a big force.


”Hey!”I barked


“Just relax,” she said sweetly. Then she put some of the water water in the hole.Not to much. I said


“Go and get a leaf!” I said.

Then Jess came back with a leaf.


Put it in the water. See?”  


“It’s a boat.” I said.


“Oh,” Jess said. “Go and get sticks!”


Then I came back with five sticks.


“Great! Now go get a leaf,” Jess said sweetly again.


“Again!” I groaned loudly.


“Get a grip,” she said.


Then I came back with a green leaf.


“Perfect!” Jess said.


Then we put the sticks flat on the ground of the fairy garden. Then we put the leaf on top of the sticks.


“It’s a bed.” Jess said.


“I see.” I said.


Then we went to our bran new flower  garden and picked the prettiest flowers we could find. We found a lavender flower and a pink flower and a  purple flower.


Then we went to our brand new blueberry bush. We picked the ripest ones we could find. Then we put them in the fairy garden.  Then the sky started to get dark purple I could feel the wind getting harder and harder in my face the crickets started chirping.

So we went inside. I wonder if the fairies are coming. I wondered then, I imagined  fairies hanging out in our new fairy garden. Then I went to the kitchen and enjoyed a nice dinner.