Reflection On Persuasive Writing Experience

My persuasive essay was about how littering is bad for the Earth. I learned that it takes more than just finding a problem and writing about it to make a persuasive essay. It takes a lot of writing lessons to make your essay the best that it can be. You have to convince your audience, you have to talk to your audience, and you have to feel really strong about what you are writing about. I also used transition words like, for example, as a result, and I believe.If you want to write a persuasive essay you can’t be wishy washy. Things that wishy washy people say is… “Maybe we should start doing this. And… I think this is a good idea. The most effective thing I did to persuade my audience was talk to them and ask them questions and saying stuff like..   I know what you are thinking but don’t worry.


After watching my video I was proud and a little disappointed because I could have looked up more and pointed to myself when I said: “I believe” and “we should” stop doing this and start doing that. I think I persuaded my audience because I used powerful words. For example,  I used phrases such as “I know what you are thinking” and “How would you feel?”I also followed directions. I listened to  directions  and I followed all the charts and tools we had.  I did my best and made my persuasive essay the best it could be. What I could’ve done differently was look up more and add pictures to my board when I got recorded so the audience could understand how I was feeling. I could have named my essay, “We Need To Do Something About Littering.” Thank you for reading this reflection of my persuasive essay. I appreciate your time.