Jeremy changes from selfish to giving

Guess what I am a literary essayist. This is my first  essay I ever wrote.It took a lot of revisions to make this my best work. It took ONLY two weeks so this is probably not going to be my best literary essay. I spent a lot of time tuning this whole thing up and I hope you can see that. Yes, this book is not PERFECT but I tried to make it the best I  can make it be. I really hope my effort and work all paid off. This is my first literary essay I ever wrote and I am really proud of my self I never new I could go this far in my first peace. I hope you agree with my claim and like my essay.

Here it is…….

Those Shoes”

by Maribeth Bolths

In the book “Those Shoes” by Maribeth Bolts Jeremy changes from selfish to giving.

In the beginning of the book Jeremy is selfish when he wants to be the fastest runner again.He says to his grandma, “I want new shoes.” But grandma said there is no room for want just need and what you need are new boots. Jeremy doesn’t care what his grandma says all he cares about is new sneakers. Then at recess Jeremy has a hole in his sneakers. Mr. Passkey gave Jeremy new shoes and he didn’t even say thank you or care that Mr. Passkey gave him new shoes.This shows me that Jeremy is being selfish because the only shoes he will accept are those shoes.

Also, in the beginning of the book Jeremy wants to buy shoes that are too small for him. For example he made his grandma go to four stores just to buy those shoes. In the first store they had those shoes but they are too expensive then they go to three thrift shops and in one of them Jeremy sees those shoes. He buys those shoes even though they are to small for him. Grandma is not happy about that. Jeremy doesn’t care. Jeremy knows his family is poor but he still buys those shoes. This shows me that Jeremy is not thinking clearly about those shoes.

At the end of the story Jeremy changes from selfish to giving. For example when Antonio and Jeremy were playing basketball Antonio jumped and a loose piece of tape came right off his shoe. Jeremy had two pairs of shoes. “I’m not going to do it.” Jeremy said to himself three times. He wasn’t going to give Antonio  his new shoes that were too small for him. Then later that day Jeremy went across the street to Antonio’s apartment building. He put his new shoes in front of Antonio’s door rang the doorbell and ran away. The next day Jeremy saw Antonio smiling at his new shoes. Jeremy felt happy looking at Antonio’s smile. This is important because it tells us that Jeremy thinks that a friend is more important than any old pair of shoes.


My Expert Book- Becoming An Expert On Planets And Stars

I am a published author! I have written a book that I am a expert on. My book is about planets and stars. This book took so much time to make, about two months.  I chose this topic because I know a lot about  planets and stars.The assignment was about making a book with captions, text features and elaborating and don’t forget making this book the best it can be. The most important thing to do to make this book successful was to name my chapters and order them in my book. It is about understanding planets and stars in an whole other way. In this nonfiction book it’s not just facts, facts ,facts facts. There are also ideas. Like the whole idea of the story is to really understand what stars and planets are. You need an idea for the facts.  I learned all about planets and stars from my sister. I have been interested in them since I was six and I am almost nine, so almost three years now. I read books about planets and stars. I read my sister’s book on planets and stars. I learned some stuff on National Geographic on planets and stars. I learned not to mention the word “I’ in my book.  I also learned to add in statistics expert words and how to organize my chapters. I also learned that in my introduction  to explain what the whole book is about to dry and say a least a few sentences about each part of my book to use fancy word and explain what they mean in the glossary and adding pictures that describe what your saying in the book.  I learned how to organize my information text. I put the information in my chapter that fit in my chapter name. i learned to use transition words like also, and, another reason, because, and one way. I also learned to use expert vocabulary, like insted of saying some lions live in groups you can say, Lions live in groups called prides. I have all of that in my book! I hope this book inspires you to read more about this topic when you are done reading this book. I hope you love learning about planets and stars in my book to! I love this topic and after you read this I hope you will love them as much as I do and I hope you can see that planets and star are very interesting.

Here it is…