Maglev Post #2

Today we started day #2 of our maglev trains. We had some problems and some successes. The success is that we got one side to levitate. We used little disk magnets on the bottom of our train. So then when we tested it out we saw that one side levitated. We had six disk magnets on our vehicle. We put three on each side of our train.   We put them on the dotted side so they would repel to the track magnets. We only got one side to levitate but that’s better than nothing!


We also had some fails. There was one side of our train that did not float.  We learned from our mistake that disk magnets work better than strip magnets for our vehicle. Because of our fail we flipped the track magnet around to see if it would levitate like that. We tested it out and it still did not work.


My goal for my next design session is to get the left side of the train to levitate. I don’t know how we’re going to do it. But, my team always finds a way to fix things!


My group working together

Maglev Train Response #1

A maglev train is a train that floats above a magnetic track. There are magnets on the train and track. The train floats about ten c.m.  above the track. The train can float higher depending on how many magnets there are on the track. For my group at first for the track our track only had one layer of repelling magnets so our train didn’t levitate. For our train we stacked disk magnets on top of eachother. That was a fail. So then we put other magnets on the bottom of the disk magnets and flipped the strip magnets around. Then the train levitate


Today on the tracks we put strip magnets on our track and for the train we put disk magnets on the same side. Then we put our train in out box and then we saw then it could levitate! But, before that we did fail . We put the magnets on repelling sides and then…… the train repelled and it floated! Everyone in my group cheered.


At first my experience in my group was ok. But, then when things started to come together my experience was great! We used a few tweaks and a lot a tape to make this possible. We’re not done yet though. We are working on moving our train across the track quicker and with a light push. It challenged us to make the tweaks because we didn’t know what was wrong at first but the we figured things out!


Our groups track diagram