Stargirl is a tricky character. Her CT is free. She does not care what other people think and she acts like a bird when she flaps her hand in the air to ask a question. I think that Leo is that opposite. He cares what other people think he wants to be ” normal” like everyone else.  Hillary is jellos  of Stargirl because Stargirl is getting attention.

Colonial America- PT 1- Overview

In class we are doing a project on Colonial America.  We were separated into groups of 7 or 8. We all make up a name and a job. My job is the governor and my name is Bella Watsen.  We also get to make up back round stories. There are three colonies, the middle colonies, Southern and New England. I am in the Middle colonies.  We names out colony New Foursten. We made charters of all the rules in the colony.  Our colony is a fair colony and we do not approve of slaves.   In the middle colonies there are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In my group we have a governor, governors apprentice, doctor, trader, blacksmith, farmer, cartographer, and solder and a kid.  In my group we have freedom of speech we allow all genders. Our teacher is not helping us with this so it a bi hard. I’m really exited to be the governor because I like people to look up to me and trust me like a real governor. My teacher said that she is going to throw problems at us so I need to prepare for that. My apprentice is 14 years old and my daughter. I also have a dog named Lilly. She is a golden retriever.

Colonial America- PT 2- Backstory

My mother Emily Wattsen died three months after I was born. I lived with my father and h was the governor of a small growing colony just like this one named  West Nation. My father dies to years ago when I was 18 so then II decided that I also wanted to be the Governor of a colony to take after my father so I studied hard and well, now I’m the proud governor of New Foursten! My character has many traits. Sirius, kind, open, and friendly. I don’t want people goofing around, I want this to be the colony that stands out. I think that we should go by the Four strikes policy. If someone does 4 things wrong they will get a punishment  because we are New FOURsten. If someone does something wrong they will get a strike. I need to ask if the other members of the colony agree with this. I joined the middle colonies because they have all seasons and a lot of crops. During my down time I like to explore! I always hike into the forest. I also like to help with the animals on the farm.