Rocketry Blog post #1

Building a rocket is a process that starts from brainstorming, to launch. My group is the Flying Saucers.  When I first heard we were doing a rocketry unit I was really excited, but I didn’t know it would involve so much research and consideration. I thought that it would be easy and quick. I also thought that we would admittedly agree on ideas and NOT argue on ideas but I was wrong.  Building a rocket isn’t something you do on a rainy day, it’s something that you commit and work on a little bit at a time. 


First we had to do a lot of research.. We had information from Newton’s 3 laws, NASA, Brainpop, and so many more resources.  We created a google doc where we stored all of that information. Everyone in my group had their own section where they put their own thoughts. We also had a materials section where we put a list of materials that we thought we could use. We put on plastic, tape, paper, and more. We search for images that we could use like diagrams of parts of a rocket. We also got pictures of actual rockets launching. We decided on the name the Flying saucers at that time. We printed out all of our research and it was time to start designing our rocket!


When we designed our rocket it was a bit challenging. We were all fighting over EVERYTHING, like the fins. We decided to have a thin body a pointed nose cone and three fins. Three fins so everything was balanced, a pointed nose cone to the gravity wouldn’t go against it, it would go around it and a thin body so there was more friction. We kept on working on the design and then finally we were ready to start building it. 


First we got a PVC pipe to help mold our rocket. WE rolled the paper around it and taped it so it looked like a long tube. For the nose cone it was kind of complicated but I think we did a good job on it.  For the fins we cut it out of cardboard. It was so hard because it was so thick. Then we glue them on. We used hot glue because it dry quicker. 


Overall I think my group did a good job.At the beginning we argued a little bit on small things but in the end we made a great roceet.  I enjoyed working with the people that I don’t usually work with. I think that I learned a lot from the iss experience, for example sometimes you have to agree with an idea that you may not like.  I can’t wait until we launch our rocket this is only the first part!

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