Rocketry Blog post #2

We launched our rockets that we made from scratch. I was surprised on how high our rocket went. We all worked together and we communicated well. We even made a team cheer. In this project I learned how to work as a team. You need to be open to others ideas and you need to work together, and you need to be part of the group. Meaning that you need to help out instead of talking to your friend in another group.  Building and launching your rockets is a team effort, and I learned that today. 


When it was my groups turn to launch we took pictures first. We all put our hand on the rocket, like a team. The the rocket placer, who was rachel placed it on the rocket. We used a thin rocket placer because the body was thin. Winston and tony were the pumpers. They pumped air into a tube that was connected to the pipe that help our rocket. The air pressure had to be at fifty. I was the countdown mast and the rocket retriever. I chose to be the rocket retriever because I wanted to get an up close look at where the rocket landed and how it landed. 


“ Are you ready?” I asked my group. They all nodded. I began the countdown. “ Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!” The rocket popped off the pipe and burst into the air.  It went so high it was almost out of sight. It slowly fell down where it was in sight again. It hit the ground and I ran as fast as I could to where it landed. The nose cone was buried into the ground. I pulled it out and it was all muddy. I looked behind me and so many other people wanted to see where it landed. 


Wow! Our rocket went so high. Next time we launch our rocket my group will make two fins instead of three, Maybe that will make the rocket lighter, so it will go even higher.  It was really fun counting down to one and watching the rocket launch. In this unit so far I learned teamwork. 



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