A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to Water Reflexion


Long Walk to Water was a great book! In the book A Long Walk to water, the greatest impact was when Salva reunited with his father. This surprised me because it had been so long since they saw each other and there were so many negative sighs that his family was dead. Salva kept on going and I think that that led on to a theme.


I think the theme in A Long Walk to Water is to never give up. If Salva gave up he would have never reunited with his father. Also if Salva hadn’t followed his uncle’s words he wouldn’t have made all those wells for Sudan. Salva didn’t give up on his dream for Sudan and has persistence. Nya had a lot of patience and kept her cool. Another theme could be to stay calm because both Nya and Salva did that. Nya was patient for the well to be done and Salva kept on going to a refugee camp to a refugee camp and had patience when he was looking for his father.


When the water came out of the well it symbolized a new future for Sudan.  No one had to struggle for water anymore. Also, places like the river and the dessert symbolized the obstacles in Salvas way. He never let them stop him though.

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