The  Chicken Dance

By Morgan

Chickens chickens everywhere            

Dancing like they saw a bear

All the chickens want to do is play

I finally said it “ Chickens go away!”

One by one they left the place

With a “ We want to dance” kind of face             

Fine you can come back I said

Then they all jump on my head!

Chickens chickens everywhere

Dancing like they saw a bear


Stargirl is a tricky character. Her CT is free. She does not care what other people think and she acts like a bird when she flaps her hand in the air to ask a question. I think that Leo is that opposite. He cares what other people think he wants to be ” normal” like everyone else.  Hillary is jellos  of Stargirl because Stargirl is getting attention.

Colonial America- PT 1- Overview

In class we are doing a project on Colonial America.  We were separated into groups of 7 or 8. We all make up a name and a job. My job is the governor and my name is Bella Watsen.  We also get to make up back round stories. There are three colonies, the middle colonies, Southern and New England. I am in the Middle colonies.  We names out colony New Foursten. We made charters of all the rules in the colony.  Our colony is a fair colony and we do not approve of slaves.   In the middle colonies there are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In my group we have a governor, governors apprentice, doctor, trader, blacksmith, farmer, cartographer, and solder and a kid.  In my group we have freedom of speech we allow all genders. Our teacher is not helping us with this so it a bi hard. I’m really exited to be the governor because I like people to look up to me and trust me like a real governor. My teacher said that she is going to throw problems at us so I need to prepare for that. My apprentice is 14 years old and my daughter. I also have a dog named Lilly. She is a golden retriever.

Colonial America- PT 2- Backstory

My mother Emily Wattsen died three months after I was born. I lived with my father and h was the governor of a small growing colony just like this one named  West Nation. My father dies to years ago when I was 18 so then II decided that I also wanted to be the Governor of a colony to take after my father so I studied hard and well, now I’m the proud governor of New Foursten! My character has many traits. Sirius, kind, open, and friendly. I don’t want people goofing around, I want this to be the colony that stands out. I think that we should go by the Four strikes policy. If someone does 4 things wrong they will get a punishment  because we are New FOURsten. If someone does something wrong they will get a strike. I need to ask if the other members of the colony agree with this. I joined the middle colonies because they have all seasons and a lot of crops. During my down time I like to explore! I always hike into the forest. I also like to help with the animals on the farm.

Endangered Animals

Endangered animals is what I chose for my passion project. I chose this issue because I’m really passionate about it and I’m interested to learn about what people do to our animals. Yes, I love studying this topic but it is really hard for me because all these new facts I’m learning about what is happening to our animals is depressing. It took me a long time to decide if I was doing this my my passion project. I wasnt sure if I was ready to learn all these sad things. When I was at my house I was waching an endangered animal video and I was so sad and mad that I almost slammed my books where I was recording jots on the floor! The main reason why I chose animal abuse for my passion project is because I want to get people’s attention about how bad we are treating our animals. I am REALLY passionate about this we need to start taking this more serious about abusing our animals!


One of a kind like me

Danny is a boy who dose not care about what other people think. He just wants to have fun! He dose not believe in gender starioe types. If someone says something mean to him he just bounses right back! For example when two people dressed as a pineapple and a butterfly said  ” I never seen a boy princess.” he snapped right back ” I never seen a talking butterfly or a waling pineapple!”  Danny is not afraid of what other people think. If he;s happy then he’s happy! He does not  let anyone change that! Danny’s message is to be yourself  and not listen to what other people think of you. Your one of a kind no matter is people see it or not!


– Morgan Greco