RG Blog post one: Decisions

Rube Goldberg blog post number one: decisions 


It took a long time just to come up with a simple task. I am working with Eshal and Mia. At first, it was hard to come up with an idea that we all agreed on. Mia wanted our task to be making lemonade. Eshal and I wanted to do something different. We thought making lemonade would be too hard. Then we wanted our task to be smashing a watermelon. Mia helped us realize that smashing a watermelon would be too hard. We decided to go with the lemonade idea. We came up with an idea that has 4 simple machines and was 10 steps long. Four half of those days we had no idea what our simple tast would be. I decided to work with two people because I work better in groups than alone. To exceed we needed to have over eight steps and three simple machines, our original sketch was three simple machines and 8 steps but we wanted to exceed so we added more. Our first step making lemonade is a ball hitting Domino’s hitting a bigger ball which will go on to a ramp and then we’ll go on to a leaver and then that ball will hit another ball which will slide down a wedge which will hit another ball going down another ramp which will hit a water bottle that has a string attached to the powder for the lemonade and when the power goes down it will pour out landing in a picture ready for us to mix with a spoon and drink. It will be challenging and fun. We also need to make sure that we put the pitcher in the right spot so the powder doesn’t spill. We are not sure when we will start making our Rube Goldberg but we should start soon. We are thinking of making our Rube Goldberg on a long bench or patio because our machine will be long. We are also thinking about making our machine outside so anything that spills  be a mess